James Gilliland: Your Come From, Your Driving Force Brutal Honesty


In the last days of the tyrants all stops will be pulled. Eugenics, global population reduction, 13 out of 14 people removed if they are successful, divisions, deceptions and social engineering will be so obvious even the most severely critical thinking and research impaired will see it. The divisive groups such as Antifa, Black Lives Matters who openly state they are Marxist Communists, Open Boarders, many of the gender movements all have their roots in a master plan to take down America.   Mainstream and Social Media, Hollywood, the Music industries, corrupt politicians are all controlled by the global elite and the CCP. Rest assured their messages will have an agenda and that agenda is not in your highest and best good. They actually be lie ve these dark hearts have a high-ranking place for them but in the end they know too much and will be dispensed with. This includes the compromised generals who will be the first to go as openly stated by the CCP. 
Socialism and communism have never worked out well for the masses in fact every genocidal dictator throughout history were socialists or communist. When you centralize the power and wealth into the hands of a few, “The global elite”. When they take away your voice, “censorship”, remove your ability to defend yourself, basic human rights and your country you end up in a loss of freedom, poverty, ill health, with the end goal as serfdom. Despite what your idiot compromised professors are saying there is no such thing as a maintainable democratic socialism. Know your history. We are a Republic, self-governing without the banana.
This article is not about that. This article is about those in the patriot, spiritual and ufo community that are falling into the same trap. The division game, building a career on the mistakes or short comings of others, the competition, rumors, gossip and back stabbing needs to end. You cannot build your career on the backs of others, your kingdom will fall. Trying to assassinate another’s character will only result in the assassination of your character, a karmic 101 backlash. 
No one is perfect, many are doing the best they can, it is a learning and healing process. We are in a world where the cards are heavily stacked against us. With the shills, corrupt politicians, corrupt agencies, honey pots, MK Ultra inserts, not to mention the unseen negative influences the worst thing we can do is allow the division within the communities to add to the already extreme challenges. We are all sifting through a massive pile of crap, layer upon layer of disinformation, misinformation, recycled ignorance, with the end goal of total domination throwing the world into serfdom, ill health, a war against humanity and Nature. 
We need to unify and focus on the big fish. Mistakes will be made, people will pass on disinformation unknowingly. There will be those passing disinformation knowingly with ill intent others to throw off the enemy. What is most important is your come from. What is your agenda, what is your motivation, is it coming from a victim perspective or in service to the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth. If your come from is off, your agenda tainted you will not be part of the solution in fact you will add to the problem. This must be addressed with brutal honesty. If coming at this unhealed there will be projections and divisions both of which can be avoided. “Physicians Heal Thyself.”  
When the divisions occur, we have to ask ourselves has this happened in the past, did I fully communicate, was I listening to others communication, is there wisdom to be gained from this experience so as not to recreate it again?  We also have to ask am I coming at this from a victim, am I trying to get the recognition acceptance and approval I didn’t get as a child externally? Am I doing this from the ego, spiritual ego included seeking love, acceptance, approval, fame, notoriety, recognition externally?  When you are centered you love, accept, approve of yourself, you can see things with the Buddha mind or fresh mind. The projections and filters are gone. There have been many masters that have addressed this. “Take the beam out of your own eye before removing the splinter from another.”  No one knows what another soul needs for completion. We are deep within a multidimensional war. This includes cyber, biological, psychological, seen and unseen entities. You can break it down into two catagories, Good and Evil yet there are a lot of shades of grey. If we spent as much time healing our own wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions from past experiences verses projecting and blaming others we would take a quantum leap in spiritual evolution. This takes a suspension of the ego, the need to be right and brutal honesty with self. The dark hearts utilize our wounds, traumas, and grudges to manipulate, socially engineer and steer the masses to fulfill their agendas. If we are going to step out of their influence we have to heal and get back to Unity Consciousness or Universal Law. Universal Law is basically Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All. Honor and respect the sacred circle of life, the Creator within all Creation. Have no doubt their game is to divide and conquer and they are doing a great job, only because we allowed it. We stepped out of our center, our base foundation. We allowed them to divide us through race, gender, politics, religions and be lie f. Their greatest nightmare is that we unify fully aware of their agendas and what they have done in the past. GW Bush said if they knew what we did to the American people they would hang us from the highest tree. In other words you are the enemy of the global elite, the corrupt politicians and religious leaders. You are also the enemy of unseen forces that care nothing for humanity and the Earth. This explains the extreme inhumanity now occurring. Child sacrifice and trafficking is a classic example. The socially engineered, critical thinking and research impaired masses will march lock step to do their bidding even if it means their and, “their children’s” demise. In fact the lock step and agenda 21 initiatives fit into these categories. Research them.  
The great Awakening is working together to wake up as many people as possible. Allowing the division within is detrimental to the end goal. There is a plethora of agencies, shills, negative influences seen and unseen working against us. Why open the door? Who’s agenda does all the division serve? It is time to take a deep breath, step away from the chaos and division, reevaluate your come from, your motives, forgive yourself and others and recalibrate. Release the need to be right, be flexible, own it when your incorrect and make the correction. It is called humility. Humor and humility are what will get us through these trying times. Don’t even take yourself seriously, chances are this all may be a dream. 
Be well, 
James Gilliland