Ascended Dragon Collective via Galaxygirl | April 11, 2021

Humans currently embodied, we are the Ascended Dragon Collective. Resurrection fire burns brightly within. Trust the fire. Feel the warmth. We are and have been spreading the dragon flame of truth and inner awakening, partnering with the comets who weave webs of light in your galaxy, our galaxy. Energetically the dark is no match for the light. You are seeing the final gasps and grasps for power. The light is the true power and it has returned. Within the lightworkers burn hot coals of fiery truth, truth that oneness with Source is within. No-thing can squelch that, can tamper with that truth. No-thing is able to dissolve this from the inner workings of an enlightened being ensconced within form. Such like the dragon within the egg, the egg shell is not the being, is not the body. The true body lies within the shell. It is about to be revealed. Your higher selves are becoming fully embodied, more fully embodied within this now of planetary and personal ascension. Egg shells are cracking and being smashed on the floor as the awakening process begins on a new level of enlightenment, of the light being discovered from within.

We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. We care for and nurture our young. We are loving with our family units. So too shall Nova Gaians be. You have heard time and time again the phrase “the children are our future”. The current children are not like the older humans reading these words. They have more gifts and abilities. They have more wisdom for they came in unsullied. Do not let the outer circumstances dim your viewpoint. See with the eyes of the children. See clearly. For light and love are returning to this realm full force. Humans, why do you fear? Fear is being removed. Humans, why do you cry? Sadness is being removed. All that was, is and shall be. All that is, was. (I am seeing a temple curtain tearing from top to bottom.) Master Yeshua is returned in many forms, through the light within. The Christed light of the inner child calls. The hands and feet of god, many we see. Humans are partnering with the Ascended ones, including dragons, on many levels. Gaia will be cleaned, healed. Humanity will be so as well.

We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. We nurture our young. Nurture your young. Nurture your inner child. Nurture your joy. Nurture your purpose, your truth. For your purpose is one with your joy. It is simple. Your inner truths are to be awakened further. Layer by layer to be enjoyed. (I am seeing a multi-layered chocolate cake covered in cherries that looks delicious). Galaxygirl, this journey is to be enjoyed. The pits within the cherries are the new seeds of awakening. All is to be enjoyed. Feel the newness of the day in front of you. Breathe in the hope of your future. The children are the future, yes, but your inner child is your future. Nurture it. Find your joy and feed it. Taste the sweetness of the day. Your awakening is not around the corner, not on the next flight path. It is this flight path. It is this moment. (I am hearing dragon laughter and seeing many yellow eyes on friendly great dragony faces of all colors and sizes, surrounding me.) Feel the sheer delight of flying high and fast and free. Feel this way as you approach an obstacle and see it from a higher view. Know that you are love embodied. That is enough.

We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. Now is not the time to hide. Now is the time for your warrior spirit to expand further into light, into love, into newness of being. You are such mighty beings crammed into such small human suits. Many of you are like us within. You wanted this experience. You wanted to lend a hand and craft your energy of newness with the creators around you. You wanted to be here in this moment of creator-ing. You are the creator. We repeat, you are the creator. You are creating your life, so create your joy. All is turning towards the light. Joy is all around. Truly joy is your future. Your future is here now. The dark ones are vanquished. They taste delicious to us and we have been assisting with the clearing process. Archons are a delicacy to us and we assist the Mother of All Things in this way. It is our joy and delight to use our strength and large bodies to clear and clean planets in distress. Gaia is now officially no longer in distress. We have had many full lunches and her cleansing is much improved. Turn off your screens and look deeply within the screen within you. There your inner movie will play and you will learn more of your own inner dialogue. It will teach you. Many things. This is meditation. Looking within with the desire to see, to know, to understand and to grow into further awareness.

We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. Be at peace, humankind. The tide is turning and you are free. The old will fall away and you will fly on your new dragon wings. Feel the breeze. It is time fo fly. Hatchlings no more. You are ready. You are strong enough for the task at hand and you are ready for it. We depart.

~ galaxygirl