Jared Rand - Exciting Info re. Celestial Chambers (med beds), Our Future World, and More!

By Losha - Source

Jared Rand answers many questions from viewers (hosted by MarkZ) about his Celestial Chambers (Jared's version of the Med Bed); he informs us of a Consortium of Alternative Doctors (with access to very advanced technologies) who will review "cases" of people who contact them about their serious illnesses, and Jared also talks in depth about what our wonderfully exciting, future world will look like! I love listening to him!

Not only does Jared address a multitude of questions regarding his Celestial Chambers and Med Beds in general, he also talks about unheard of "hidden" technologies that will be coming, sooner rather than later. They sound wondrous! Jared is a gem and he provides a wealth of information for us!

For those of you who haven't heard of Jared, his bio is below. I believe him to be a very trustworthy and beloved Soul!

Jared says...
"I grew up in a military family, the youngest of 5 children. We traveled the world and every 2 years, we would pack up and move. We were like gypsies. This lifestyle made you grow up quickly but I would not have had it any other way.

I am here at this time with this planet to assist the civilization in breaking away from it's enslavement and freeing it's consciousness; to think for itself and lead itself, to exist in complete harmony, to be humble and in complete gratitude, to love our Selves and each other, to create value and build wealth, to expand into the universe and beyond, and most of all, to VALUE LIFE as the Highest Value in the UNIVERSE. I am here in complete humbleness and DEEP ETERNAL LOVE to serve all of you."

Jared brings uplifting and enlightening messages in his daily guided meditations to millions globally, and has much to share with the world on disclosure intelligence information. He has amassed 120 million+ participants in just over a couple of years and it continually grows. He is one of the great master teachers spewing pearls of wisdom, inspiring many to become empowered and go within to be connected with the true Self.