Matt Kahn: May We Come Together...


Dear Friend,

As you read the following download from the Universe, it may perfectly match your current stage of evolution. It may also give clear words and greater meaning to stages you've recently been through or even previously completed. While the purpose of each download is to offer relief, guidance, clarity, and direction, it is always important to know that not all of us are in the same stages of our journey. To honor the journeys of all who are healing and awakening at this time, those who are integrating their healing and awakening, those who aren't sure where they are or where they're headed, and even those who are exploring the lesser-known reality of life beyond healing and awakening, I equally serve each crucial stage of growth to help you navigate the specific climate of your evolution. Whether the following words give deeper meaning to your current state, remind you of stages you've completed, or offer opportunities to hold loving space for those in our community steeped in overwhelm and confusion, I offer these words in loving service for the expansion and evolution deepening in all.

For so many, our recent times have ushered in unprecedented opportunities for growth, maturity and expansion through various forms of displacement. Whether you have been displaced from your home, experiencing a mass exodus of family members, the dissolving of long-held relationships, roles and identities that once defined your existence, overwhelmed by the shutting down and social distancing throughout society, or experiencing the world you once knew seemingly dissolve out of sight, there are so many layers to our current invitation to heal at a core level.

This is happening because we are living through the deconstruction of an old paradigm. Especially along the spiritual path, it’s the unraveling of an old paradigm that often suggested the benefit of healing to be how successfully you are able to defeat pain or escape the grip of suffering — as if the plight of inner despair suggested you were in some erroneous state of resistance, weren’t healing fast enough or doing enough to make resolve occur.

As we are coming to learn in the new era of spiritual exploration, healing is not the opposite of suffering; instead, suffering is the means through which our deepest healing occurs.

It is where we play the role as both the explorer and nurturing space holder of exploration along a journey where every person is destined to realize in their own unique timeframe a remembrance of Universal Truth; where all are liberated, awakened, and reborn by the light of One. This is a process you are already in-- that is well underway highlighting the gritty terrain and unwavering trajectory of true resurrection in progress.

This fundamentally means you are not in your current stage of evolution due to anything you have overlooked or done wrong — no matter how intense it feels or how often your mind can’t seem to understand or ‘get it right’. You are literally at the forefront of life’s most pivotal turning point of spiritual evolution, only engulfed by the density and darkness as the muddiest waters that create the ideal environment for the lotus of liberation to blossom.

Rather than see our current times as a punishment, may we come together as a global community of loving hearts in support of our individual relief and collective shifts. May we hold respect for each stage of our journey, mercy for the unconscious parts being revealed and transformed in ourselves and others, while opening to the mysteries of our radiant existence with authenticity and dignity instead of reaching for quick fixes, hiding in addictive patterns of emotional avoidance, or tendencies to over-rationalize with spiritually themed fear-based superstition.

In these times of massive transition, we are gifted with opportunities to rethink the way we live, why we choose the way we do, and to ultimately make an evolutionary leap out of repetitive trauma cycles by venturing in the direction of new horizons of integration and embodiment.

As outdated versions of 'self' dissolve along your awakening journey, you can somehow forget what it means to be 'you' or even how to connect, especially with others of drastically differing mindsets, as you undergo a process of having any degree of contrast and comparison scrubbed from your cellular body. It can include not knowing who you are or what you want, and inability to definitively decide what to do or where to go-- which can trigger the fight, flight, freeze, or fawn responses on a regular or reoccurring basis. All of this occurs as a means of triggering the lingering degree of survival mode that cleanses the root chakra of familial pain, karmic torment and collective trauma so you may re-root into the Earth as an awakening light being in human form. In doing so, you come back to your body, mind, emotions, and personality that once seemed to vanish, so you may get to know yourself all over again from a standpoint of greater truth and awareness. This can be perceived as a ‘fall from grace’ or being kicked out of the Heaven that your initial big spiritual experiences introduced. No matter how it is perceived, whether as a gift or a curse, it is an important stage of evolution you are destined to meet and find your way through.

Let us join together to walk each other home to the light within us...

A journey equally rooted in love and truth. A journey where we don’t need any promise of a brighter tomorrow while learning how to shine our light into every darkened corner. A journey made more relieving by how honest with ourselves, aligned with courage, and authentic with others we are willing to be. A journey grounded in the sacred nature of space holding versus any tendency to correct, control, argue or rescue. A journey where there is much to learn without viewing ourselves like a piece of furniture we forcefully attempt to reassemble. A journey where it may feel like you are being ripped apart and torn to shreds-- only creating more space for the grace of love to make a greater home in you.

May we come together as one eternal truth during a time when division acts as a noble catalyst of change by triggering the density and darkness ready to be healed through emotional reactivity, confusion, anxiety, fear, heartbreak, disillusionment and despair. This is the space where our deepest healing occurs. I meet you here. I meet you with love.

All For Love,