Jesus through Tina Spalding: In the Tumultuous Times Ahead, Learn to Listen to Your Guidance

Steve Beckow from Golden Age of Gaia:

I’ve often looked for a channel offering the right blend of information on current affairs and guidance on what we might do about what we learn.

Tina Spalding offers just that right blend.  Jesus channels through her, in trance mediumship.

He warns of rocky times ahead and much that will challenge and test us.  He’s not alone in that.

He refers to the time of bifurcation or separation that we’re passing through.  SaLuSa has been pointing to it for a decade (as he has with the mass arrests) and now it seems to be upon us. (1)

Around Ascension or remaining in the Third, everyone will decide for themselves, Jesus says, and we need to realize that, by the universal law of free will, we have no control over anyone else’s freewill decision.

Watch this video on Bitchute.

He points out that all of us are making decisions, such as to take the vaccine or not, by consulting our subconscious, our programming, our ego first and then following it.

We’re programmed to respect vaccines and authority and so we stay within the herd. That’s the ego’s immediate survival strategy.  In light of it, we line up to get vaccines.

But that’s just an example.  Most of our other decisions are also made following this same line of conduct.

He then points out that we always have an alternative. We’re also given guidance – reliable information from a deeper, divine source. But we have to become accustomed to listening to its push, its impulse – do this, don’t do that. And we have to follow it.

He takes the next step and points out the relevance of guidance in the time ahead. In the rocky times he predicts, we’ll need our guidance to stay off the rocks. He urges us to rely more and more on it. Our subconscious, our programming will prove to be less and less of a reliable guide (if it ever was).

Tina channels within the context of A Course in Miracles but the message is universal. Thanks to Len.


(1) The time of separation is the time of the cleavage of two timelines – the one to carry on within Third Dimensionality though not on Planet Earth and the second to increasingly refine our vibrations to bring it into frequency with the Fifth and higher. It is at this point that the die of Ascension is cast.

This is not synonymous with Ascension  itself, which still must proceed in a more or less gradual manner with periodic sudden events such as heart openings. It needs to proceed that way so as not to tax the physical body or alarm its occupant.

On the time itself, see: