Eldora & Siman: A Global Situation Update for Lightworkers

There is a lot that the public is not aware of, that is going on behind the scenes. An age-old battle between the dark and light forces. A Cosmic tale that has been unfolding for eons of time. We are at the Apex of the greatest story ever told within the history of Planet Earth.
In this video we answer some of your most looming questions:
  • What is the status of the White Hats and Earth Alliance?
  • What is the status of the Q-Ball?
  • What is the status of the ascension of humanity?
  • Why is the jab being allowed to be rolled out?
  • Why the MSM is being allowed to play out its false narrative?
There is a huge load of disclosure waiting to be revealed. All is being planned carefully and with the precision of timing to ensure that peace will reign in our dominant timeline.
Much Love,
EldoRa and Siman