YOUR WORLD AS YOU KNOW IT IS RAPIDLY CHANGING - Highest Council of Light Through Penni Moore


Welcome to this transmission dear one. You heeded our call and we are grateful for your immediate response! Let's begin by saying times are changing at a rapid rate. Those of humanity who are awakening to the light and the truth want so much more truth to be revealed to them.

You are all spiritual beings whether you are living in darkness or light. All will eventually, some over many lifetimes, return to Source. You all know this is the ultimate path of humanity. Those in the light know with great certainty that the light is winning! In order to understand the magnitude of what has been transpiring for eons of time on your planet, the truth of what “appears" to be happening, for thousands of years, is coming to light. People have to be shown what has been hidden from them so positive change can occur, and more and more of humanity awaken.

The light factions and others of like mind are getting the information out to interested and awakened humans as expediently as possible. Those of the darkness who have committed crimes against humanity are paying the price of such atrocities! Through all of this though realize that all these souls came into their human form to play a part, just as all of humanity has. There must be darkness along with light. Humanity and your planet earth cannot evolve until the purification takes place and the truth is revealed. Know that all is being done to eradicate and clean up the atrocities of humanity done by humanity, and other off planet beings, who are not of the light.

For the last few months so many light beings have been working diligently to not only save the children, women and men from unthinkable atrocities done to them, but the planet and government systems as well. Humanity is just beginning to see the results of so much work being done on behalf of humanity and the planet. The general population could not know the entire truth of how the entire planetary population have been duped, manipulated, and violated in so many ways! But rest assured slowly the truth will be revealed. The general public will have to be shown over time, and in some cases as delicately as possible.

Government Has a Huge Responsibility

The governing bodies of light have a huge responsibility in revealing what has occurred, over eons of time, and how the plans to heal what has been dark, and what is not in the best interests of humanity be set in motion. It is a massive undertaking! The people in place to facilitate the changes, and clean up the darkness volunteered to take on this mammoth operation coming into this embodiment.

All of you have a part to play, and it begins inside of you. Each of you must be at peace within to effect peace outside of yourselves. In order for inner peace to occur work on self is the only way. Each of you do this by recognizing and clearing your emotions and pain that you have been holding onto. Each person comes into embodiment with a plan for their life. As we like to say, “the script has been written" for each and every one of you. As a human you play out that script on the earthly stage, or shall we say on the level of form. No one is exempt from this. You follow your life plan, and heal your pain body, as you go along on your journey. The goal is to complete the steps to enlightenment, and return to Source. Enlightenment means to gain knowledge and truth, and be at peace with oneself. Some may take many lifetimes to totally heal and finally return to Source. Some may fulfill their life plan much more quickly. You all come onto the earth plane at different vibratory levels. You all have your own unique lessons to learn.

Having said all this we want to remind you that you are all of one mind. There is only one mind being played out by many. What a concept! Your knowledge and your actions are all directed from within. How you ask? By the continued activation of your DNA. May we say you are like Avatars being guided in playing out your lives. Of yourselves you do nothing. You are not living your lives, as you may think, as all is coming from your activations and your so called inner “guidance system”. In other words, “life is living you"! Moving forward, more and more of you will realize this, and learn to just “Be" and let your lives unfold systematically. Being in the present moment there are no expectations or attachments to outcomes. More and more people will allow their lives to unfold. You may or may not have goals in place, but no matter what, you will be guided to move in the direction that you and your team scripted out for this embodiment.

Knowing this helps to keep one at total peace within, with no concerns for the present or the future. See what we are saying here? Just follow your own internal guidance system throughout each and every day. Take care of your bodies, by eating live foods, exercising and getting out in nature. Meditate daily for a few minutes morning and night. Treat one another with kindness and love. Do no harm! Reach out to those in need with compassion. Send out your light ahead of you. You will be amazed how others respond, and how your light affects others so positively. Live more simply and joyfully. Allow your lives to unfold. All peace begins inside of you. Enjoy your lives in these trying times, and understand that all is taking place just as it should in order to affect positive change for all of humanity.

We bless all of you with so much love and light!