The House of Ra - Live Mix - "Before the Sunrise" - April 16, 2021

This is a multidimensional journey through portals of sound!
I invite you to clear your mind completely and get in a meditative state before listening to these sounds. Open your heart and accept what comes to you. Feel the frequencies, don’t try to identify the sounds, don't try to name them, simply allow them to interact with your being.
This soundscape DJ set was mixed live with the intention of healing, upliftment, and dormant DNA strand activations. These sounds are encoded in the 432Hz frequency which is the harmonic frequency of our planet and is a very healing frequency that brings you into a state of harmony and peace.
Before starting this mix, I created a portal of positive healing energy that was being infused into these sounds.
You may experience this healing frequency in various ways, as each song may evoke a unique reaction within your energy field.
Notice, the subtle movements and emotions evoked within your body and your DNA.
With all my love,