We come to you today to inform you that ALL IS WELL and ALL WILL BE WELL. There is much talk in your alternative media about the new technologies that have been hidden from you for many years. These so called "new " technologies such as Free energy, Med Beds, and other healing modalities are as old as the time, so to speak. We have said to you to come to us for help as we have had all of these advanced technologies in our civilisation for eons.

However it is now time for you all to learn within yourselves, as sentient beings, how powerful YOU all are. The darker elements on your planet have indeed worked hard to hide these technologies from you but now, as these darker elements fade from view, it is the right time for you to learn these new technologies for yourself and to Ascend to a new way of being. This new way of being involves self- mastery. Many of you will be drawn to re-inventing these technologies yourselves.

We would like to talk to you today about HEALING of the Body, Mind and Spirit. Those of you who have connected with us and used our meditations on yourself will indeed be more aware of how to heal the body from within. BELIEF is the key. BELIEVE that you can heal yourself and you can. Much of what you have learned in our meditations in "THE GATEWAY TO SIRIUS" will have now brought you to a stage of this Belief in yourself.

We would like to give you a technique which if followed will challenge your perception of healing. As always we do suggest that you consult with a qualified practitioner to diagnose your problem but as your bodies are changing from carbon based to crystalline, oft times your practitioners will not be able to help those of you at this higher stage of Ascending. It would be wise to practice on minor problems at this stage but be assured that in the future you will be able to heal anything yourself and for others, if you continue these practices, without the need for med beds.


As always sit or lie in the still and silence. Do a progressive relaxation by telling every cell and muscle in your body to relax. Imagine that you are indeed lying on one of these new "med beds". Imagine as you lie on this bed, a silver blue light coming down from the Universe to completely cleanse every single cell in your body. If you have a certain spot on your own body which needs healing, you can indeed point to it with your forefinger or place your hands on that part of your body. You can use your finger as if it were a laser light healing the cells in that area. As you do this, say these words to that part of the body which needs healing or indeed your whole body.

"I ask every single cell in my body to renew and regenerate, to bring my perfect self back into alignment and balance. I ask this under Divine Grace”

When you have repeated these words to your body for a certain length of time (you will know when to stop) relax on the bed for as long as you want. Imagine the healing Angels from Sirius with you as they refine your own healing and guide you to anything that you need to do physically to help the healing process. When you are ready, open your eyes and come back to full waking consciousness, grounding yourself with roots going down from the soles of your feet to the centre of the Earth.

As a start, you can repeat this session every day for 21 days and if your belief is strong enough your problem will be solved. Be aware that you need to have done much meditation and work on yourself to be able to come to this stage of healing and will only work within your own belief system. Do not berate yourself if this modality does not work on you the first time around.

As they say Practice makes Perfect. A Belief in yourself is a powerful belief and it takes time to perfect, but that is why you are here Dearest Ones. Jeshua as the miracle worker came to teach these beliefs in the self over 2000 years ago and the Christ Consciousness is now back on Earth for you all to become healers in your own right and to be able to perform miracles upon yourself and indeed in time on others.

As always call on us for help in this process and we can be with you in an instant. We send you many Blessings and much Love and Light.


Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius on 19.4.2021