Tim of Agartha: Your Full Power



Sisters and Brothers! I am your Tim / Timothy in Agartha, the inner world of the earth.

In the Nordic countries, you have spring now and enjoy the progress of spring after a heavy, dizzying and eventful darker season. A lot has happened in your inner self and that is what makes a difference in your outer world.

Many of you, around the Earth, who are aware that much is hidden in the Earth’s interior – you will be mocked and laughed at by those who are still afraid, those who have not awakened.

But all of us here, who are your zealous followers and cheerleaders, we promise you that truths that make your fellow human beings tremble are on their way.

This channel has promised its loved ones not to triumph with a “What did I say?” but instead be there for those who may need answers to emerging questions or help with transformative healing.

You know – all of you who read this – that this will be your most important work in the coming transition phase, right? You are well aware that we are all equally close to the Source, that we are all in the Universe a Oneness.

The dragons have not only woken up – they have done an outstanding job through a great purge of the darkness that Gaia once possessed.

Even your knowledge of the dragons’ actual existence is something you Lightworkers / Light Warriors have been ridiculed for. Now you get the reward for your faithful work by regaining contact with your much-loved and missed friends – in their dragon form.

Realize that the Dragons are your Power that has now returned. Your DNA strands have been restored, the connection to your Mother Earth is total and you can now stand in your full Power again.

(A raven “talks” feverishly, as if to agree with Tim’s words. Thank you)

People on the surface of the earth – be so kind as to now take possession of your full Power. It is your birthright to regain power over your own life, over your own planet Gaia. Power without ego – the power in the form of Love. Love is EVERYTHING.

What you do in Love for your fellow human beings can never go wrong – just a force that grows and grows and grows…

Say to yourself, the words of your dear friend Yeshua: “I am the Way, the Truth and the Light (Life)”

Be in your heart, be in your power / in the power of Love / in nature / in your Soul with your Beloved Mother Earth.

Enjoy the events that are now unfolding, enjoy the journey, the community, that everything goes according to God’s Plan.

See you Beloved Friends, Sisters and Brothers.

A big HUG and a LOT of Love to you all.

Agartherna by Tim / Timothy.