Dearest Ones it is time now for you all to look into your own TRUTH. Much of your own history has been hidden from you by a darker element of humanity which had it's own agenda to control the world and keep the population in fear and ignorance. A small minority of humans have been able to achieve this for their own nefarious deeds and selfish pursuits.

How you say, can this has been achieved? Why did we not know about this dark history which is now being brought to the LIGHT. If we have been duped by the few, why did God let this happen? My dearest ones do not berate yourself if you have not known about this darker side of humanity, which has been trying to achieve total power and control over YOU. You have all been brain washed, so to speak, and it is only NOW that many are waking up from their sleep and in doing so, are trying to awaken others in their midst.

Earth is but a tiny speck in the vast Universe of Life which exists in many forms on many different planets, Stars and other Universes. Life on Earth has always been an experiment, so to speak. A spark of Nature was incarnated on Earth eons ago, to experience the Light and Dark side of it's own being. That experiment is now coming to a close, as all of Nature returns to it's own beingness which is LOVE. All of Nature and humans are a part of this Earthly experiment. This experiment is now coming to a tipping point as GAIA and her souls move from a 3rd Dimensional existence to the 5th Dimension and above.

Dearest Ones it is TIME NOW, to stand in your own POWER as SOVEREIGN BEINGS and MANIFEST that brave NEW WORLD that you all came here to ENJOY. You as a soul came to Earth to be able to expand and to live in JOY, in the HEAVEN on EARTH that is to BE. GOD is LOVE and as such it is inevitable NOW that all of Nature and human beings, as a part of Nature, return to this LOVE.

As I have said before much information has been hidden from you. Technologies which you might call "advanced" have been invented but were ignored or hidden to serve this dark agenda. You ask why this happened Dearest Ones. God gave every single soul FREE WILL to play out these agendas on Earth. FREE WILL to play out these agendas, but not to destroy a Planet. In fact, beings have always been on hand from the Higher realms and other Star systems to help in this. There have been times when Higher beings and Angels have been allowed to "interfere" in a timeline when it was seen that Earth could have been destroyed, as in the recent Cuban missile crisis.

This experiment is NOW coming to a close and those darker being souls with a controlling agenda will Transform back to the LIGHT or continue their own journey on another planet. You as a soul came here to Earth to help and guide others how to LIVE in this NEW EARTH.

"New" technologies will be found to clean up your sad planet. New sustainable energies which do not harm the planet will come to the fore. New healing technologies are already being phased onto the Earth and souls will no longer have to suffer as they have done in the past. Finances will change as monies taken from you by the "few" will come back and abundance will be yours to do with as you will. You will be able to organise yourselves into smaller communities as LOVE comes to the fore instead of greed. You will not be controlled by large conglomerates and a world Government!!!

I hear some of you saying, "this is but a pipedream" but those of you in the "know" as LIGHTWORKERS are beginning to understand the TRUTH of all of this. More and more souls are indeed awakening NOW as more and more LIGHT is flooding the planet. Your bodies are changing from Carbon based to Crystalline and as such cannot be altered by any dark engineering.

HAVE NO FEAR of anything that you are being told might kill you including bacteria, viruses, toxins, 5G or indeed vaccines. Much of this Fear is being orchestrated by the dark agenda as they see their control diminishing. It is as if they were little children having a tantrum when they cannot have their own way and they are lashing out at you. Send much LOVE to anything that is taken inside of your body and transform it to LIGHT.

Some of you will indeed dismiss this message as not being True and that is all fine and good. As an angelic being in service to GOD I will still exist and LOVE you whether you believe in me or not. Every soul must question and discern what anyone says to them, even my word as an Angelic being. You all have Free will to believe whatever you believe but do learn to question everything you have ever been told. Dear Ones the falsehood, which was told to each and everyone of you, is now coming to the surface and much more TRUTH is being told. Keep a very open mind in these confusing times.

Dearest Ones I would say to you that it is time now for you to Go within to find the TRUTH of your own being. Sit in the still and silence and meditate on these words to seek your own TRUTH. In this past year you have all had the time to go within and many of you have indeed "woken up to a new reality. Yes Life has changed but for the better Dear ones. Many of you are beginning to find a new Love for Nature and new healthier ways of living off the land. You will never go back to the old ways but that is a positive thought not a negative one.

TAKE back your own control as SOVEREIGN beings. No one can control you unless you let them!!! YOU as a spark of the greater being called GOD can MANIFEST your own future. You can have whatever you want, if it is for the highest good of all. Make it a GLORIOUS one Dearest Ones. No more worries about your health, no more worries about finances, no more worries about the planet.

YOU and THE LIGHT have won this seemingly endless battle against the Dark and the future is assured Dear Ones.

AS always call on your own Higher self, Ascended Masters, Guides, Angels and other higher beings to help you Transform into this New World.

Much LOVE, LIGHT and BLESSINGS to you all, as you celebrate one of my aspects on ST GEORGE'S DAY.


Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius on 23.4.2021