What Controls the Banks these Days - by Ron Giles – 4.24.21

What Controls the Banks these days? The simple answer is this – not the Banks!

What happened to the Central Bank’s SWIFT transfer system? Why is it being unplugged? Banks used to make huge profits using the SWIFT to transfer money. The SWIFT was designed so that when a bank makes a transfer using their SWIFT Account, they could transfer these transfer funds (unknown to prying eyes), to their bank trading accounts, use the funds for trading for 24 hours and then transfer it on to the intended bank account. Billions in profits were made in this process. If it was an international transfer, there might be two or three banks that we’re able to delay the transfers for overnight trading and then move the funds to the next bank. This is why international transfer could take up to 7-10 business days to complete the transfer to the intended account. This activity accounted for 86% of the bank’s profits. What happened to stop this source of SWIFT Transfer profits? Certainly, not the Banker’s activities.

The Quantum Consciousness, some incorrectly call a Computer

Why did the Banks suddenly claim that they now have access to the Quantum Computer? Why would they want to be a part of the new financial system that is destroying the bank system as we now know it? Does that make any sense at all? NO! Yet the truth is, the banks have been taken over by the entity that is called the “Quantum Consciousness.” (It is really Divine Consciousness in a 3D package that we get to use)

Could we call it a silent hostile takeover? Call it what you want but that describes what took place.; a Silent but Hostile (uninvited)Takeover.

The Banks had set up a no-win financial game for us that had to be played by their rules. We had no choice. Theirs was the only game on earth. To have a financial system we had to play by their demented do-it-our-way- or-hit-the-highway rules. Their game, their rules, they win, we lose.

Did they ask us if we would let them take over? NO! They just took over the playground and bullied their way around. When we even got close to winning, they changed the rules. Crash the financial system or play along; we played along but at the same time we also got on our knees and prayed that things would change. 

So now, in answer to our prayers,  we have a new player in town. A new Player-Coach, if you will, that does not lose. He brought his “A” team; they are called the “Angels.” The Angels were not allowed to use their first choice of bats – lightning bolts, to bat with because it would destroy the hard balls, so they had to use the same equipment the Satanists used on us. So we have a Baseball Game, the satanists against The Angels. Play Ball!!!

Their Player-Coach kept changing the rules on us but the Angels just kept on adjusting – and winning. When the heavens and all the Angels say “Enough is enough,” the foundations of hell cannot stop the slaughter. We are at the bottom of the first inning. The score is “0” for the Satanists. The Angels struck out the first three players, they couldn’t hit the lightening fast pitches. The Angels, who are the home team, have now, batted around the lineup 999 times. Multiply that by nine players and that’s our score with still no outs. The Deep State (DS) Umpire won’t call the game, because he’s been blackmailed and is looking for a way to cheat for the Satanists. The DS thought they could win by using the Dominion scored board but they didn’t know about the Angels “A” team. Losers lose, and winners win. Too bad, so sad.

Did anyone bring some food, we’re going to be here for eternity? No worries though, I heard there’s an Angel Food Buffet at the food court behind the stadium. They say the Angel Cake is to die for, but the Deviled Eggs are a real killer. Eat all you want, it’s free; the Humanitarians did this as a neighborhood project.

When you’ve been bullying the Coach’s kids for years and have treated them like slaves for millenniums, you’re gonna get hell from their Dad. No mercy robbing Justice here. Yes, Karma is a bitch.

This is too much fun.

When the Bankers push “send” on the keypad, the Quantum Consciousness follows the SWIFT transfer protocol and transfers the funds to the intended bank account, thus bypassing the bank’s entire trading platforms. This happens silently without their computers even knowing what took place. When the bankers found out what happened, they hissed and screamed at their IT techs and perhaps fired a bunch of them, but there was nothing they can/could do. NOTHING. Their game is over. The Bankers don’t like that the Quantum Consciousness, which some have mistakenly called a computer, has taken over the Central Bank computer system, but it has. The Deep State Central banking system had “total” control over us, but this will transition into “no” control over us. Griselda put the wine on ice, we will be celebrating soon. If you don’t drink wine, use coffee-flavored Ice Cream, that works just as well.

The gluttonous nature of the banks means and now with no profits coming in, it is only a matter of time before they run out of money and the banks are forced into foreclosure.

Foreclosure means they go into receivership and that’s when we make our move and buy up their assets and begin our new Financial Services Industry. It will replace the services of the old banking system. We’ve got this covered. There are already enough Zim Benefactors who are asking for high Sovereign Rates to fix the problems left by the demise of the banking industry. This Financial Services Industry and many more industries like it are targets for us Humanitarians as we move to lift society out of the throes of a Financial debt slavery system.

Do any of us know how to do this new Financial Service Centers system? Not really. But there are a lot of good people already in the old banking system that just needs to be retrained. We pay for all wages through the RSS Employment Contract Shares and pay all the overhead and do it for free; cuz that’s what we Humanitarians do. Timing is everything and that’s where the Alliance and their geniuses come into play. It should be a seamless transition. Each step in the transition will provide great benefits to the public. It will gratefully be accepted because there are no fees associated with any of the services rendered.

The Quantum Financial System (QFS) is an application contained within this entity of Divine Consciousness. Could the Heavens have broken through the matrix construct that acted as a veil of forgetfulness? Has this dispensation of the fullness of times been initiated by the full power of Divine Consciousness? Has this Divine Power been made available to the 3rd Dimensional Realm for this Golden Age of Mankind, or the age of Aquarius? It would seem so. As we Humanitarians line up for the clean-up crew positions, our job is to go for the greater Sovereign Negotiated Rates so we can truly get the job done the correct way. Tally ho, laddies we get to have some great fun soon.

Blessings to All, and to All, Be a Blessing.

Ron Giles