Dearest Ones we are here to advise and support you all on your Earthly journey into the future. Many of you may be feeling unsettled in these strange times, that you are all going through. It is no accident that the whole human race is going through this time as ONE. This is the first time in your known history that every single person on the planet is at ONE in fighting a so called enemy virus. However, what was started as a nefarious deed by a dark agenda has now been overtaken by the LIGHTWORKERS in a way to encompass all souls to move from the 3rd dimension to the 5th Dimension and above.

Many of you are waiting for a Saviour to save you from this dark agenda, to save you from those who would want to control you but Dearest Ones we are here to tell you that the Saviour you are all waiting for is in fact YOU. YOU are a Powerful Sovereign being in and of yourself. A spark of the ONE being called GOD, ALLAH, JEHOVAH or whatever name you might want to call this glorious being is in each and every one of you. KNOW this and the future is yours.

You may have all had your lives changed by this so called virus and many of you are still in fear of it. However Dear Ones this virus is also a spark of The Universe and as such is also a part of you. HAVE NO FEAR, a perfectly aligned healthy body and mind will not succumb to any illness. You all have the time now to work on your own selves, to understand why you have any symptom or illness in your own body, to understand why you created it, and how to heal YOURSELVES.

Know that your life is no accident. YOU as your higher being self, created each and every part of your life to learn and grow as a soul. This may come as a shock to some of you. You may think that as a person you would not have manifested this illness, which you are now trying to rid yourself of, but Dearest Ones you are not just a body, you are a magnificent soul having an Earthly experience on this planet called Earth at an amazing time in your history.

NOW IS THE TIME to WAKE UP and KNOW this. You are not a victim, you are all a part of the experiment that is LIFE ON EARTH today. As a soul you all incarnated at this time on Earth to experience this shift from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th and above. You all volunteered and sat down with the ONE, your own soul family and your guides to map out your life before you came into it. You all knew what was going to happen and if you are here now, you are a very brave soul indeed. Whatever you think in your head, whether you believe these words or not, your soul knows the Truth.

Your life has been mapped out for you but NOW, it is time to decide for yourselves what kind of future you want for yourselves and the whole human race. Do you want to be in fear and in the control of others or do you want the FREEDOM to decide your own life for yourselves. It is your choice Dear Ones. The timelines are such that you all have to make that decision for yourselves. You may feel comfortable letting others make decisions for you but Dear Ones that is not the way of a perfect soul.

It is TIME now to proceed forward into the new HEAVEN ON EARTH that is being created by YOU. As a living soul you can and do MANIFEST whatever you want for your future. If you look back into your past, you will see the TRUTH of these words. You have all manifested everything in your life for your own soul growth. You may not have liked what you have manifested physically but dear Ones it was perfect for your own soul growth and brought you to where you are NOW. The soul never dies and even a tiny baby who comes into life for a few short days or weeks came for a human soul experience and in doing so, to help and teach others around it.

Life as you know it, will never be the same again. After this virus receeds you will all have to decide what sort of life you want. You all have changed, many of you have recently woken up to a higher perspective of yourselves and the Universe. Without the help of this virus many of you would still be asleep and in fact many still are. However many, many more will be waking up to the Truth of these words.

Do not wait for others to wake up, YOU are the way showers. You are the ones to MANIFEST that glorious New World, that if you are honest, you all so desire. It can be done but it starts with YOU. MANIFEST that world NOW. Think for yourselves what it is that you would really like for yourselves and if it is for the highest good of all concerned, IT WILL BE. If you are not sure whatever you want or do not want, meditate often and ask for help from your guides. Do not have any restrictions such as not having enough money to do this or that. Be POSITIVE in all that you say or do.

There are many distractions taking place at this time to take you away from your main work and that is the work on yourselves. Go within and Meditate often to become that Divine soul that is able to MANIFEST whatever you want. You will then be in a 5th Dimension of your own making. Many of you have noticed that you can be in the 5th Dimension for moments of your time, when you can experience JOY. Imagine these moments becoming more and more as they eventually come together as one and you are actually living the life of your dreams.

As you proceed forward Dear Ones think not of a negative future, MANIFEST a Positive one. Do not berate yourselves if you have your down times, you are human, but we say to you that these down times will not last and they will become less and less as you travel forwards into this new DIVINE state.

This is the way of the LIGHT warrior. As you MANIFEST this Brave New World, so others will follow you in your wake. So Dear Ones the future is in YOUR hands. Do you want a future of lack and control by others or do you want a future where every soul can be happy, healthy and abundant? The choice is yours. There is enough wealth in the world for everyone to MANIFEST their own dreams but you have to BELIEVE Dear Ones, you have to TRUST and you have to have FAITH in THE ONE and in YOURSELVES.

As always we are here to help you on your journey but we cannot do it for you.

We are SIRIUS and we send you much LOVE and many BLESSINGS.

Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius on 30.4.2021