David Wilcock: Ancient and Modern Prophecies Converge on Current Events

Hi there, 

Some incredibly exciting developments have occurred very recently. 

Once again, we are being given many signs that a massive change, largely unexpected to most, will provide incredible relief to a situation that has seemed like a true All is Lost point. 

We will discuss these “outlandish” new concepts in Sunday’s show. Let me be completely honest: you will NOT want to miss this one! PROMISE. 

I gave my word that if new individuals wish to come forward and “get the mud off their wheel of karma,” we will embrace that. 

Well, this time it will be like trying to embrace a whale!

Either way, we are perfectly ready, able and willing to forgive the lead singer of the Bee Gees. 

Yes, you heard it right. This is intense stuff. You can tell by the way he uses his walk.

Our next and possibly final broadcast in this special miniseries, Ancient and Modern Prophecies, will give a limited but potent overview of our current situation, and how rapidly things could change. 
I’m excited to show you how ancient prophecies prepared us for the moments we are now living through, and hinted at the cosmic events like the solar flash at the end of the Great Year.

Either way, we’re being led through a global, galactic initiation right now.

It feels painful, and for many, it’s bringing considerable hardship. Financially, physically, emotionally and even spiritually.

There is a hidden Galactic conscious agenda behind the seemingly horrendous mess we now find ourselves in.

All people on the planet are now experiencing a worldwide revealing of hidden, painful truths that have been jealously guarded for centuries.
What if the mind of the Universe expresses itself into material form through a living, intelligent, geometric energy?
What if this geometry "solves the universe" -- underpinning physical matter, planets, stars, galaxies and superclusters, as well as DNA, protein synthesis and biological life?
It does.
23 different ancient prophecies speak of the end of the great 25,920 year cycle as a time of true peace and Ascension.
I strongly encourage you not to "wait and see" if this is going to be true. The changes the prophecies spoke about are happening now. The time to master your curriculum is now.
How do you "win the game?"
Ultimately, you fulfill your personal Hero’s Journey narrative as it also plays out on the global stage, and finally get yourself off of “the Wheel of Karma.”

That’s part of what we’re going to dive into as we discuss these invigorating prophecies.

In light and gratitude,
David Wilcock