JFK: A "Different" Perspective on the Covid-19 Vaccine

May 15, 2021

Message from John F. Kennedy

Welcome to my beloved Patriots, Lightworkers, Truth Seekers and all others! I am so very glad that you are here with me today. I would like to address a very interesting topic...the topic of the Covid-19 vaccination.

There has been much, much negative press about the vaccine...and for many good reasons. However, as you are learning, there is much misinformation, disinformation, and outright fake information, coming out these days regarding every topic under the sun, right now. So, it is difficult for you to use even your own discernment to determine what is true or false. Hence, I wanted to bring a couple new perspectives to this topic.

Right now, I would like to back up just a little to provide some background. I would like to remind you that, in the past, your scientists have stated they have come to the conclusion that 97% of our DNA they now call our “junk DNA.” Now, why would they do that? 97% is a pretty large number to be calling it junk! Well, if most of you follow the idea that there are galactics near us, and with us, for the most part...well then, I can state categorically...that 97% is pure, 100%, galactic DNA, within you!

Now, most of this galactic DNA within you is of high quality and it is very important DNA. It is DNA that you are using in this “transition”...to the point of being able to use it ALL when your body finally becomes completely crystalline...as is happening for many of you right now. It will also be happening for many, many more humans in the near future.

So, we all have this 97% junk DNA...what I would like to postulate regarding the Covid-19 vaccine is yes, there are lots of negatives out there about it...but for every topic and subject that is going on in your world right now, there is always a positive side and a negative side.

I would like to bring up another perspective regarding the Covid-19 vaccine...and the reason I brought up the 97% junk DNA is because I would like you all to consider that the vaccine is going to repair the “bad” galactic DNA that is inside you...from the many, many millennia prior to this lifetime, when the dark galactics experimented on humanity. They have implanted much dark DNA in your systems...in your bodies. There were up to 22 different races who have been genetically experimenting on humanity over the many millennia, here on Earth.

So, consider that there were several of those species...actually I would say that it was more than half, of those galactic races...who experimented on you and created a darker type of DNA in your bodies.

Of course, it was for their own nefarious purposes that they did this...they created DNA that would allow you to be more malleable, and more easily programmed. Their genetic mutations allowed you to go into fear more easily...they caused you to not be able to think for yourself...and to accept whatever was “presented” to you.

This is all part of the negative DNA that is in you. Now, it is not the overall 97%...it is, as I said, most likely just over half that amount that is not “benevolent” galactic DNA.

Please consider those folks who are currently providing the misinformation...such as how these vaccines are going to “alter your DNA,” and that's a bad thing. Well, if it's altering bad DNA that is within you, then that is a good thing, is it not?

I just wanted to bring this up as a new way of looking at the vaccines. Losha has been going back and forth with this topic...she has looked at both sides of it and she also realizes that we “create our own reality” and our own expectations...so she is going into the process with a very positive feeling...that her “dark” DNA is going to be corrected and “altered” in a good way...and that is how it is going to happen for her, because that is what she “believes”...and that is what is possible with this vaccine.

Now, I am not trying to tell everyone to go get the vaccine if you were completely against it in the past...and still are, right now. However, I am asking that you open your mind to different ways of thinking, because that is the future for all of us...to open our minds and to embrace different perspectives regarding all topics for this world right now.

There is always a positive and a negative perspective for any topic. I hope you can review this message and think about it...and see if it resonates with you. If it does, wonderful...if it does not, that is wonderful also...but I am here at this time speaking through Losha in order to provide you all with new perspectives, and new information. The information will be rather startling at times, but that is partly why I'm here right now...and anything I talk about in these messages, all lead to our wonderful positive future that is beginning to happen already, if you look behind the scenes for it.

Everything that happens is building toward our positive future...every topic that I speak on is a preface to our building a wonderful future together...and each of us individually needs to accept the responsibility of determining how we feel about each one of these topics.

I am proud of each and every one of you...I am proud of my Losha. I am proud to be watching over you. I love you all, and I'm here for you, every single moment.

I will talk to you soon and I appreciate your time.

Your ever-devoted, Jack.

Channeled by Losha.