The Dark: Who They Are, What They Want

May 20, 2021 by Steve Beckow

Given that we’re heading into topsy-turviness, chaos and mayhem – however you wish to see it – I thought it might help to gather the comments of our galactic and celestial sources together on who exactly the dark are and what it is they want. What follows is the “Introduction” to that 27-page booklet.

The booklet itself can be downloaded at:

Introduction to The Dark: Who They Are, What They Want
This booklet is different from many others that you’ll see on the subject of the Illuminati in that it takes its evidence from the messages of higher-dimensional galactic and celestial beings rather than from boots on the ground.

I’ve been reading channeled messages since 1975/6.

I’ve had the reality of life after death proven to me through them and a variety of other means. (1)

The afterlife is organized according to increasing refinement of vibration. The Astral Plane gives way to the Mental Plane, etc.

Already the idea has been planted in my mind of an ascent of consciousness. It’s an easy jump from there to acknowledge that what the afterlife commentators call “planes” other commentators call “dimensions.”

And if we admit the existence of dimensions, then we might acknowledge the possibility of communication between dimensions, even as we admit it in the case of the afterlife.

Apparently, we don’t need advanced listening dishes directed toward outer space to speak to “aliens.” If we decide against the alternative – going down to Area 51 to speak to the local ET visitors there – we can always consult a credible medium.
Or just read their published channeled messages, as I’ve been doing since 1975-6.
Galactics and celestials have been communicating with us ever since we stopped burning people at the stake for speaking to them.

What always gives lightworkers aware of channeled messages the greatest difficulty is what to do with those who are, not just bad, but evil. How far does compassion go?  What price mercy? Seven times seven?

I discussed what evil was for me in a recent article:

“Evil” for me refers to thoughts and behavior that violate every known moral, ethical, attitudinal, religious, and other standard and promise to do so into the future.

Not only is “evil” totally unacceptable but it has a repulsive nature reflecting a wish to maximally harm others – so “evil” to qualify as evil is usually also horrific, terrifying, disgusting, etc.

Satanic child sacrifice is a good example of evil. Torturing children to produce adrenochrome is another. Cannibalism, a third. Even just naming those three causes my head to spin and me to feel nauseous. (2)

When something reaches a level of repulsiveness and reprehensibility that we deem as “evil,” some switch inside is tripped and we no longer have doubts about ending the career of these people.

That’s what’s happening today to the cabal’s child-traffickers, adrenochrome-production network, corrupt political, financial, and religious leaders, etc.
In our everyday world (May 2021), while no war has been declared, there’s a hidden war going on between the present planetary management and their opponents, called the white hats or Alliance. It’s going on under, on, and above the planet.

The Alliance is composed of military and civilian men and women galvanized by events to take a stand against the deep state as an enemy of the Constitution, foreign and domestic.

Many took this stand after President Kennedy was assassinated and began planning then. Many others did so after realizing 9/11 was an inside job.

The Alliance conducts itself according to law whereas the deep state does not. It takes the Alliance longer to initiate and respond because of it.

I don’t think I’d exactly say that means they’re fighting with one arm behind their back because the Alliance itself has allies.

And those allies don’t often break into our consciousness for us to know about them or what they have to say. They are terrestrial and extraterrestrial communicators from higher dimensions, a source not often noticed.

This booklet lets you hear what they have to say.

By far its largest contributor is Matthew Ward, earlier incarnated as St. Matthew, who sat on the universal council that designed Earth’s Ascension Plan. He’s channeled through his mother Suzy. I find him to be among the most credible sources.

Second to him in contributions to our knowledge of current affairs is SaLuSa of Sirius, channeled by Mike Quinsey. While SaLuSa’s contribution to the subject of evil may not rival Matthew’s, on others in the more general area, he’s indispensable for a knowledge of galactic assistance to the Alliance and their work with Gaia.

And a sprinkling of quotes from John Smallman’s Saul, who I believe was St. Paul. There are a small number of communicators whom I regard as laser sharp and Saul is one of them.

Of course, there are a plethora of channellers out there who are not talking about evil and are stellar. We are blessed. And in most cases all information is available without charge.

These galactics don’t need to be taken to our leaders. They’re broadcasting over our airwaves (3) and filling the pages of our blogs.

Remember in reading this to focus on behaviour and not people. We’re all of us, in some distant lifetime, guilty of what’s being discussed here. It’s evil behaviour that needs to stop, not people who need to be punished.

And it will stop.


(1) 1975 – Readings with departed relatives through medium Irene Griffey.
1977 – Out-of-body experience.
2007 – Afterlife database New Maps of Heaven put online
2010-2020 – Ten years of readings with Archangel Michael during which numerous proofs of existence have been given.

(2) “Coming to Grips with Evil,” May 19, 2021, at

(3) See, for instance, An Hour with an Angel and Heavenly Blessings radio shows in the 2010s, at Kathleen Mary Willis, “HB and AHWAA Transcripts on Universal Laws and Blessings and Virtues,” June 30, 2019, at