Dearest Ones it is time now for you all to learn to have some compassion for those humans, who you think have not woken up yet, so to speak. The dark agenda on the planet have been using mind techniques as a weapon to keep many humans in a matrix of lies and control. Many of you as workers of the LIGHT have indeed woken up to what has been happening to the human race for millennia. As you have woken up, so will others, but they may need more time. It is your duty now to proceed into the 5th Dimension in your own world and to let others, including your friends and family, follow you in your wake so to speak.

You have all done an amazing job of informing others of the TRUTH of what has been happening and have helped to awaken some of those around you. However do realise that the souls who have not already awoken, will do so in their own time and it may be less than helpful for you to now labour the point. They will have heard what you have said and may not have understood or actually disagreed with you. However it might be that others say to them exactly what you have said and the Time will be right for them to finally understand. Do not be resentful about this, for you will have opened up a chink of LIGHT in them for others to proceed to open them up completely to that LIGHT. Remember your own awakening Dear Ones.

Many of you are concerned for the health of your nearest and dearest. As always there are many stories of the damage that some of the "va"s might be having. Listen not to these stories, Dear Ones. We have often told you that we can neutralise any damage being intended on the planet by the dark agenda but you as LIGHTWORKERS are now more than able to counteract any of this damage for yourselves.

BELIEVE this Dear Ones, go within to find the TRUTH of this and send your LOVE to all those who you know may have taken the "va" and no harm will come to them. Imagine that they are placebos Dear Ones and indeed if you have this belief many of you could actually take the "va" yourself and come to no harm. BELIEF is such a powerful force Dear Ones. Indeed you can actually BELIEVE that the "va"s are actually a stimulus to help awaken humans from their slumbers.

Having said this Dear Ones some souls will have decided to leave the planet at this time and are leaving having had the "vi "or the "va". It is their own free will to do this and there will be nothing that you can do to stop it. Have no Fear Dear Ones for as LIGHTWORKERS your friends and families will not generally be in this category. You will have all incarnated together to help the planet ASCEND but some will have agreed to awaken before others. Those with a good LOVING HEART will of course be moving up into the 5th dimension.

We have said before that as you proceed along the timeline of moving into the 5th Dimension and move up the rungs of the ladder, so to speak, others will be able to step up onto the rung you have just vacated. It may be frustrating for you if you are the only one amongst your friends and family who knows that they are on the path to ASCENSION and you may feel alone. Remember Dear Ones that you are NEVER alone and that you have so much help in the higher realms. You just have to ASK.

Keep sending your LOVE and surround those around you in LIGHT and in time they will also be in the know, so to speak. Find your connections instead of divisions. Divide and control is part of the dark agenda. Do not be conned into believing that you are in any way different to others, even if they have not yet seen the LIGHT. It is just that others may not have realised their own inherent Divine powers yet but they will.

Keep LOVING others around you and have COMPASSION for them. Your own awakening may have taken quite a long time but theirs may well be sudden and painful. Much evil is coming to LIGHT in the next few months that will shock many and you will be very much needed to soothe the waters, having woken up yourselves, and already come to terms with this evil. Many of you have been working long and hard for this time and Dear Ones the time is IMMINENT.

As LIGHTWORKERS you may not realise how POWERFUL that you all are and that you are more than able to neutralise any harmful effects intended to humans and the planet. As LIGHTWORKERS it is your duty to come to terms with this POWER, to harness it and to use it for the good of humanity and GAIA. This is why we say to you to have COMPASSION for others who you may well have felt are less than you. You are all ONE and you need to learn this NOW.

Those who have intended evil on the planet are trying desperately to hold onto their power but this is futile Dear Ones. Their Time is up and they know it. They will have to transform to LIGHT or will leave Earth and continue their journey on another planet. They will not be allowed to enter the 5th Dimension on this planet. The time has come for those souls to make this decision NOW.

Be assured Dear Ones that whatever you see to the contrary there is so much LIGHT on the planet that the darkness cannot survive. The LIGHT has won Dear Ones. BELIEVE this.

Your task now Dear Ones is to work on having so much COMPASSION for yourself and others that Evil will not exist on Earth. This COMPASSION must also be felt for the so called Evil ones who are only souls who have not yet learned this for themselves. Even the evil ones are a part of the ONE and are still very much LOVED. Again we say to you that if you cannot accept this concept you need to work on this for yourselves. It may help to imagine that you are all players on the stage of life. You may be pretending to fight others in a battle on the stage, so to speak, but when you come off the stage, you are all friends together.

YOU ARE ALL SOULS on a journey and some are further on that journey than others.



As always we are here to help and we send you much LOVE and many BLESSINGS.

We are SIRIUS.

Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius on 25.5.2021