Navigating Your Personal Ascension by Saint Germain through Natalie Glasson

Greetings and love, I am Saint Germain. It is a joy to be in your presence today and to bring forth information and guidance. I wish to inspire you to focus upon your own personal ascension. I wish to bring to your attention that there is a need for you to focus upon navigating your personal ascension, creating intentions and focus points, creating thoughts or contemplating what you wish to experience in your ascension. Connecting from deep within your being, guided by your soul, your intuition, your truth, the aspect of the Creator within you.

What Are The Next Steps Of Your Personal Ascension?
I, Saint Germain wish to encourage you to navigate your personal ascension. This means I wish for you to write down or to document in some way what you wish to achieve in your ascension, as well as your ultimate ascension goal. This can be explored by asking yourself:

‘If I were in a place of fully embodying and completing my personal ascension in this lifetime, what would I be experiencing?

What would my actions be?

What would my thoughts and emotions be like?

Where would I be living on the Earth and with who would I be living?

What would my daily routine be?

I encourage you to explore this. It is not to create concrete ideas of what ascension is, what it means or how you live a life of ascension upon the Earth. I simply wish to encourage you to focus on experimenting, to recognise what it could be like completing your ascension in this life and remaining upon the Earth, living as your ascended master self. I encourage you to focus and to discover what this might be like. It is very much like imagining or wishing to have a new coat or jacket and so you imagine what a new coat or jacket would look like. What type? What colour? What thickness? When would you wear it?

Imagining and exploring your ascension is the same. To navigate your ascension, your personal ascension, I first wish to encourage you to think, explore, and to imagine the steps that are required to achieving your ascension. What would your complete ascension be like? If you are unable to register the steps then simply imagine, sense, acknowledge what complete ascension, living as your ascended master self on the Earth would be like for you. Once you have imagined this, almost tried it on, and experienced it energetically, I wish to encourage you to move on to the next stage of navigating your personal ascension. Each day in the coming days, I invite you to either imagine a pathway before you or a pathway within you going deeper into your being, you can imagine them as stepping stones. You do not necessarily need to know the steps of your ascension. Simply imagine you are stepping on one stone and then the next one, either before you or going within your being, deeper and deeper, whichever feels most appropriate. As you take a step on the stepping stones, you are reaching your goal, you are reaching complete ascension. As you imagine this, each stone will represent a transformation that will take place within your being, allowing you to recognise a remembrance of the Creator, a greater opening and expansion of your being and a shift in your physical reality. Each stepping stone allows you to absorb and engage with a transformational experience. Take time, even if you only achieve and absorb one stepping stone a day or you may be able to achieve the entire pathway. It is the goal to imagine, sense, or acknowledge that you are stepping on stepping stones that lead you to complete ascension within your being. Each stepping stone is the transformation that is needed, becoming the recognition and remembrance for you to remember yourself as an ascended master.

You already are an ascended master. You already have everything that you need and desire, that is appropriate and necessary, you already embody it, it already exists within your being. So, this process of imagining stepping stones is your awakening. You are remembering, you are collecting your remembrance of the Creator and yourself as an expression of the Creator, allowing yourself to embody it. You will notice that you may be able to count, maybe there are 10 stepping stones to complete ascension, existing as your ascended master self on the Earth, maybe there are more, maybe there are less. Gradually each day as you achieve this practice, using your imagination, you will embody more and more, and you become more settled, more comfortable, more grounded into your ascended master self, more able to open to it, to remember it, to experience it. Thus, you will find yourself experiencing the transformations in your reality with greater ease because energetically, you have already embodied them. It is simply a realisation with the mind or an action in the physical body or your reality. Then you will discover that you are more often sitting in the energy of your complete ascended master self and therefore it is easier to act and react from this space of your ascended master self. Thus, you become your ascended master self, and as you become your ascended master self, you may recognise glimmers of what you imagined it would be like in your reality. Things entering your reality and things falling away. However, existing as your ascended master self may not be as you imagined it and that is also fine. It does not mean you completed it incorrectly, that you failed or have not completed your ascended master self-embodiment. As you grow and transform your perspective changes and alters, know that when you exist in your ascended master self, which you can do right now, you have everything you need. You have everything that is appropriate and necessary, the key is to bring this into expression in your physical reality, through radiance, sharing, emanating your light and your love, and accessing your truth.

This technique, I am entitling Navigating Your Personal Power, because you are instigating the navigation, you are in control. You are guiding yourself; you are achieving your personal ascension, and this is a practice that you can use at any moment, even when you are confused, experiencing chaos, when healing is needed or when you are experiencing low vibrations. Using this technique to navigate your personal ascension will shift your energy, aligning you to your truth and the Creator, which are essentially the same.

Why Am I Bringing Forth This Technique To You? 
There is a need for you to accept your personal power regarding your ascension. There is a need for you to delve deeper, to dive into a greater understanding and embodiment of your own ascension pathway. Sometimes when you are embarking upon your ascension it feels unknown. Therefore, when it feels unknown, it feels unobtainable. By using the stepping stones you are allowing yourself to engage and embody the energy. It will feel familiar, you will be embarking upon your ascension and gaining the inspiration and understanding that you desire. It is a process of embodiment, accessing greater knowingness, of accelerating, making it easier for you to achieve your ascension in the physical reality while empowering you as you know you are the leader of your own ascension process.  This is immensely powerful currently. It is something that is required because as you achieve this process, we, the beings on the inner planes, will be able to assist you, anchor more energy, wisdom, and everything you need as well as everything Mother Earth needs for ascension. You are the anchor not only of your own ascension process but the ascension process of all and Mother Earth.

We are grateful to you that you are on the Earth now as an anchor of the ascension process, and we thank you for this.
Please know that I, Saint Germain, I am with you supporting you and guiding you. Please receive my technique of navigating your personal ascension.

I love you always. I thank you.

I am Saint Germain