Galactic Fleet Command: Change by Contract


by Beth Stormont

Greetings, Dear Ones on our beloved Earth planet! We wish to share with you at this time something that you may already well know, but we feel it bears repeating.

As more information is being revealed concerning the truth of COVID19, there have been statements made about the needless deaths of countless millions because of incorrect procedures for containment, etc. You have heard the stories, and so we shall not recount them here.

What we wish to bring to your attention – whether already known or not – is the reality of those deaths.

We here wish to correct the ‘needless’ part of those deaths, for – as many of you know – death was chosen by the soul of each of those who supposedly succumbed to the virus. It was indeed by such means that they passed to another realm. But the choice was theirs to continue their schooling on another earth planet – one more pleasant and easier to handle – or to experience life in another existence. Some felt they could better serve the processes of the Awakening and Ascension by joining the forces on the other side of the veil — and some have already graduated and arrived in the 5D realm of existence.

These deaths – (actually by contracts made) – were chosen by both young and old, and by those in poor health and in good health. COVID19 provided – (and still does provide) – an unprecedented opportunity for those in human incarnation to choose a more wonderful life than that in which they had currently found themselves. Therefore, in our mind, it would be difficult for us to call these deaths ‘needless.’

We would also like to add something further regarding life and death on this Earth planet. As you know, there has been a great toll of lives in the 3rd world countries. Many of these are young souls who wished to experience this last time ever in the experimental 3rd dimension of this Earth planet, even if only for a short time. They knew, when they came into incarnation, that it would be a short and difficult life — but they willingly chose it nonetheless. This was true also of those seeking quick karmic work-throughs; but that was okay with them, and so they were allowed this incarnation. The resultant death was expected (and chosen) in the case of each of these described.

Whether seen through the eyes of 3D or 5D makes all the difference in the world as to the reality of life and death. COVID19 was not created by the Higher Beings – nor by the Creator of All – but its evil creation and purpose has been transmuted and utilized for an ultimate good. And so does the ‘good’ continue!

We hope this little commentary about the reality of the seemingly ‘tragic deaths’ of so many thousands of lives might find a resonance within your hearts, Dear Ones… and bring less suffering of sorrow and grief at the loss of your loved ones. May you find an inner peace from knowledge of the Truth.

We love and bless you on this courageous journey you are on. And please know you are ever held in the Light and Love of the Cosmic Christ.