Matt Kahn: More Than The Eyes Can See


Dear Friend,

If you can see the bravery it takes to be open, heart-centered, and rooted in love throughout a world engulfed in fear, steeped in pain, and overwhelmed by trauma, you are beginning to remember why you came to help. It is a depth of help that doesn’t always require your choice to be helpful, but the natural state of your energy field to radiate frequencies of light in all directions-- whether you are aware of it or not.

No matter how much progress you do or don’t see, please always know, the worst case scenario is what would happen to this planet without your light shining within it. Such words do not just speak to the divinity within you, but equally honor the personal self whose living presence always positively impacts more than what the eyes can see.

While you may or may not yet have the inner worth or self-esteem to honor such a truth, it doesn’t stop this truth from working through you for the benefit of all — from one moment to the next. As the world unravels, it is your light that furthers the expansion of new realities, where your personal mission is learning to care for your own needs as immaculately as your energy field serves the awakening of all. This is the heart of Ascension.

All For Love,