The One through Sophia Love - June 9, 2021

It is the One.

Things are occurring right now on this planet that effect the course of the (human) race. These are hidden from the public view at this point. They will not always be.

It is helpful for you to hear of these things. As you do, and you process their meaning, you’ll have a more expanded view.

Part of the process of your expansion is this view. You will incorporate a broader perspective into your seeing, and will have a deeper comprehension of how your life fits. How your life fits into the greater scheme of things. For you are here with purpose. That purpose is both personal and what you might call global.

Once you comprehend your true nature, you’ll experience a sense of purpose unlike any you’ve held thus far. It will feel more complete. It will be more comprehensive.

For your life as a star seed, light worker or truth teller holds an initiatory force for this planetary shift. It is because of you that this happens at all, and because of your presence that it occurs right now.

It’s been attempted twice before.

This time, it will be completed.

You came with different skill sets and purposes. On some level, your participation has been part of your life always.

You also came to play out human dramas and lessons, simultaneously pushing forward an agenda. An agenda of evolution.

A program of enlightenment. A process that will assist in the Ascension of the (human) race.

What can be said now is this. The cumulative effect of your efforts, the efforts of the star seeds, light workers, truth tellers and light warriors, has yielded an unstoppable wave of destruction, cleansing, and ultimately – nourishment. It is a tidal wave of change. It is pure power.

What this looks like from an earth-bound perspective will be a breaking up of all that has held the matrix society together. The destruction has begun, and it proceeds in earnest. Its cumulative effect will feel massive and shocking. These will be short-lived emotions for those of you here for this. They’ll quickly change into calls for action.

You will each instinctively know which action to take.

Do not fall into fear. There are many more of you here for this next part than are currently aware. They will soon be activated. Events, about to transpire, will see to it.

There has been a change in command. A transfer, in this physical realm, of the machinations of control. It is done. It must be played out now in an orderly fashion for humanity to witness.

There will be pushback. Expect unrest and a bit of discomfort, but this will not be long-lived.

You are to see the unfolding of the complete story; the truth. The next ninety days will be like none before them for the compressed effect of massive global alteration.

The narrative changes.

The narrative around health, government, money and control begins its transformation. This happens already behind closed doors.

Yet, prepare for those doors to be blown wide open. You will not end the year in the same fog in which you started it.

The confirmation of command and control has occurred in your military. You will hear of this in whispers and unconfirmed reports. When you do, know that they refer to a true transfer of control.

What needs to be said is this. There are many who are here now to assist. They have been caught up in their life and are not fully conscious of their purpose for this time. The majority of them will be sparked now, will be “turned on” and directed towards their planned role. They will take their place and assist.

The transfer will be messy, yet complete and rapid. This is a global effort.

Know that every inside nudge now will point you closer to where you’ve intended. It may not appear so outwardly. Trust.

What you will quickly discover is that all systems are go, and the place they are going is one of freedom and peace, prosperity and joy.

This is a place ruled by a state of love, not fear. This is the place you are here to usher in, to welcome and to enjoy. This is your new Earth.

It cannot show up in any way but truthfully. Know that when you see or sense falsehoods and deception, you are witnessing the last gasps of what it is you are leaving behind.

Your new Earth will arrive in full transparency – pure and whole.
Anything other than that will not survive, will not continue.

No more lies.

No more deceit.

No more power-over.

You are about to begin an era of power-with and power-full. A combined effort with a single purpose. Oneness.

As you witness the breakdowns and reversals in these coming times, hold on to the fact that all falsehoods must fall before the truth can be revealed.

You will know truth by its frequency. It will take some getting used to, you haven’t lived there much.

You are about to.

You will see, dear human, many changes in the coming days. Know that they all lead to a place you’ve come to build together, as One.

This is a wonderous place and it will be worth every step taken.

You will not be disappointed.

That is all.
Thank you.