Dianne Robbins Monthly Message - Unity Consciousness

Synchronicity Is the Result of Unity Consciousness

I am Mikos, and today I will talk about our lives within the Globe, and how synchronicity guides our every movement and thought, for we are within the Unity Consciousness that prevails in our Universe. And once within this frequency of consciousness, you have access to all thoughts and information that exist within this wave band. This is the path that is opening to all surface dwellers. It is this path that, if you follow it, will lead you into emergence with all of us underground, and all life in the Universe.

Once you are within Unity Consciousness, all falls into place, as you are in synchronicity with all life everywhere in the Universe—not just on Earth. This is how opportunity comes to you, “out of the blue”. Well, the “blue” is the Universe, and once your path becomes known to “All”, “All” is at your beck and call to arrange the instances and occurrences and resources you need to complete your mission on Earth.

It is being in the Universal flow of our Universe. This is where We exist, as We live Underground. We are in contact with all life in our Universe, and can see and hear and feel all that occurs. This is why our lives are so magical Underground; it’s not the depth of the Earth that determines this, but the width of our consciousness—and our consciousness expands with our Universe. The Universe and We are ONE.

And so are you ONE with All That Is. And as the incoming energies flow and integrate within you, your connection with life will increase, until you become fully connected—resulting in Unity Consciousness. Once this occurs, MAGIC BECOMES COMMONPLACE, as your life absorbs the magic of being connected again to all life, everywhere. And you suddenly find yourself in God’s arms— fully secure and fully protected.

This is where the intense energies, being directed to you from the Great Central Sun of our Galaxy, are taking you. They are taking you back home to the frequency you all left behind when you came to Earth. We, in the Hollow Earth, carried this frequency with Us, and because of our seclusion we were able to maintain our Unity Consciousness, and have been waiting for you to join us. Once you make this connection, all Earth goes up in flame—the Ascension Flame—and moves up into a higher dimension of evolution as quick as a wink. No time elapses between being “there” (on the surface) and being “here” in Unity Consciousness. So make this trip with us, for the journey will take your soul to Nirvana.

In the Hollow Earth, all we think, we create; for we are conscious of each thought and conscious of its outcome. Therefore, we can create exactly what we desire to enhance our already perfect lives. It’s not “hit” or “miss” like it is on the surface, where you create both what you want and what you don’t want, thereby bringing confusion and difficulties into your lives at the same time you’re trying to perfect it—and it then seems that you are “going nowhere”. We understand this process you go through, as we’ve been watching you for millennia, on our underground computer screens. You take one step forward and one step back, as you try to resolve all the difficulties and break through all the obstacles in your life.

Soon all the destructive forces will be revealed and removed from the surface, so that you are not picking up and reflecting their negativity into your lives. The veil of Maya has been pierced, and you will begin seeing the politicians and laws for what they really are—which are barriers to life, not promoters as they profess to be. We have no negative interferences in the Hollow Earth, this is why our lives mirror perfection. And soon the surface will have no negative interference, for God’s energy will not integrate with negativity, and these negative entities will not survive the influx of energies which will only increase in intensity. The Earth’s ascension is now assured, and your desire to live only in the Light is fully assured too. Once you cross this “energy line”, you will suddenly discover Us and all life everywhere in our Universe. It has only been the veil of Maya that has caused this separation in your perception of what exists and what doesn’t exist. It is your field of vision that has been blurred—for we have always been here in your time—waiting for you to put in the corrective lenses of higher consciousness that will allow you to “see” us.

We know you as our brothers and sisters who have temporarily lost your way over the last 12 million years of surface time. Through your consciousness, you are finding your way back to who you really are, and defining the kind of life you would really want to live. The life you live now seems like freedom to your blurred vision, but as your higher consciousness focuses the “lens of life”, you are seeing that this freedom is really slavery in disguise. When you have to work long hours for basic necessities that are really free, then you are in slavery—you are chattel. The electromagnetic grids surrounding Earth can supply you with all the energy you need for free. Your governments know this, and they use it for themselves. It is their way to keep you in debt. Indebtedness is slavery, not freedom.

The longer the hours you spend daily on your jobs, the more unbalanced your lives become. It isn’t the money you need, it’s the time to reflect on your lives and time to spend outdoors in Nature. This is the meaning of Freedom—having the time to bring your lives to fruition, to bring your dreams into your reality, to bring your lives back into balance and to bring your families back together again into a strong framework of unity.

In the Hollow Earth, our families are in total harmony and we support one another fully in everything we do. We always have our evening meals together, and always have time to sing and dance after dinner. We really understand the term “fun”, and it is a large part of our lives.

We dictate these messages to you, to give you “life support” from the Hollow Earth. We are your “life support system” from Underground, and we will continue our flow of energy to you, until you have fully “recovered” from your surface life and make the transition in consciousness to our higher realm of existence.

~ I am Mikos

Copyright © Dianne Robbins