Message from the Andromeda Galaxy - June 16, 2021


We in the Andromeda Galaxy are well aware of what is happening on Earth now. We follow with excitement but from a distance because we do not want to be seen by the people on earth. Not yet. We bid our time. When the time is right, we will interact with the people who work for the light. with the light bearers. We will work together to end the dark age on this time.

Many down there believe that this may be the end of the earth but we tell you. This is the beginning of the new earth, the beautiful earth with fresh greenery, clean water and people who live in peace and harmony with themselves, each other and the animals.

There will be water so there is enough for all people. Food is plentiful. You no longer have money. You do not need it, but it is a mutual exchange of services and goods. What you can contribute with it you do and in return you get what you cannot create yourself.

But really, you can all create everything. You have that ability. You can with the power of thought manifest what you want. Everything you desire, you can manifest when your consciousness is so highly developed that you do not rob. yourself of it. When the ego is completely gone. You only manifest what you need. Nothing more. This means that there is no limit to everything. Life flows.

Here at the Andromeda Galaxy, creative creation is important. Actually, you can do everything you did on earth when you come here. Only that here is another intention behind. On earth you did it out of duty because you had to. You felt compelled. It was a must. I have to do this and that and that. Must is a word that does not exist here. Here we do everything in joy, love and simplicity because we feel like it.
In the morning when you wake up, you feel in your heart what it is you want to do just this day. You follow the desires of your heart. Sometimes you can be very productive and create a lot. Another day you feel like you just want to dance around the meadows and sing or maybe row out with the boat on the sea and bounce on the waves.

We have different types of weather here as well, but not quite the type of weather you are used to. It is a pleasant temperature all year round but a little colder in winter and warmer in summer. Spring comes with an enormous flower splendor. It rains just as much as is needed for the flowers to grow and develop in the best way.

People also flourish and develop in this place. When you come here, you will grow and develop in the best way. You will be able to live your highest potential. You will be the best version of yourself. You will prosper. You will feel that bubbling joy in you that you felt when you were little children on earth.

Do you remember how you played and laughed? There was nothing that worried you then. When you come here, you will be like a child again. You remove the veil of illusion that you have worn for millions of years. When that veil is gone, you see reality as it is. Beautiful, comfortable and infinitely enjoyable.

We always have the doors open for the people who have worked off their own egos and work for the good of all people. Those who put other people's well-being first. Those who extend a helping hand to those who need help and can receive help themselves. Maybe not from the same person but from someone else.

There are many on earth who want to come here but right now there are not many who are mature and ready. It's about completely letting go of the old identity, letting go of who you think you are, letting go of your old wounds, letting go of your old stories. Drop everything until you BECOME NO ONE. Then, but only then, you can move through time and space, between timelines and galaxies and choose where you want to live somewhere.

If you have come here, you can if you want to return to earth as a helper, as a guide as Jesus, Buddha, Francis and many others have done. But you do not have to go down into the chamber of suffering again, you go down with full awareness of your mission. You go down with your light and spread it to other people. But if you do not want to, you can stay on our galaxy or move to another galaxy.

There are many galaxies here beyond, beyond, beyond. You do not see them all from the earth. You have only seen a fraction. Some are less developed than the Milky Way while others have come much, much further. Some even longer than we have done here at Andromeda - the galaxy.


Channelled by: Berit von Scheven