Ashtar's Latest Message for Humanity

Psst... You ARE making a difference! 

Many of us are oblivious to the positive impact we have on others and our surroundings. Unless we’re actively saving puppies from a burning building, we don’t feel we’re being of service to others.

But the truth is, our inner light is ALWAYS at work! Even when we’re not aware of it. To exemplify this, I want to share a few true stories: 

“The Teacher”

This incredible teacher energetically activated the many children she taught for 30 years – many of whom were Starseed children who needed her light. A few of her recent incarnations consisted of connecting with off-world civilizations to gather the light codes needed to activate the many Starseeds here at this time. 

“The Counsellor”

Not only were his words uplifting those he assisted, but his light and aura energetically soothed theirs. He was unknowingly transmuting his clients’ negative energy to release their grief and sorrow. His light complemented and reinforced his words – and vice versa. 

“Kate’s Story”

Throughout my 24 years in the corporate world, I knew there was something more meaningful I needed to do. Until I decided to pursue my Lightwork more fully, my Beings assured me that my light not only helped my colleagues, but it also catalyzed a positive shift away from the old, corporate energies to make way for something better. 

These stories represent but a few precious drops of light in the grand ocean of light that we move through. Where would we all be without the light of each one of us? 

Watch the interview below to learn more about: 
  • Lightworkers’ contributions
  • Earth's positive timeline
  • The Summer Solstice energies
  • Starseed children and more!

Warm Blessings,

Kate & Kare

The Ascension Calling Team