Preparing for First Contact


It is the NOW for the Awakened Ones, to awaken those humans who are still asleep.

By “ sleep" we mean that there are still too many humans who do not know about and/or believe that there are higher dimensional beings that live in the higher frequencies of reality. 

Of course, many humans still have no idea at all that there are different frequencies of reality. In fact, many, if not most, humans on Gaia’s Earth within this NOW, have no idea that there are Galactic Beings who exist in the higher frequencies of the reality that encircles dear Planet Earth, whom we often call "Mother Gaia,” or “Mother Earth.” Unfortunately, there are still far too may humans who do not think of planet Earth as a living being. In fact they think of Earth as a big rock that somehow has been the home world for many third dimensional versions of reality. 

However, something is beginning to occur that is quite different. More and more third dimensional humans who live on Gaia’s third dimensional planet, are beginning to expand their brain power from using only a small percentage of their total brain power, and are beginning to remember how to use  more and more of their innate human abilities. therefore, more and more humans on Gaia’s planet, are beginning to remember who they really are and why they chose to take a human form on Gaia within this NOW!

With the innate use of more and more of their innate brain power, more and more third dimensional humans are beginning to remember their innate ability to awaken to, and remember, that they, the ones wearing a third dimensional body, innately, also  have a higher dimensional version of themselves that exists in the higher dimensional versions of what they have always thought of as Earth. 

Before they could awaken to their own higher dimensional thoughts and emotions, they could not remember that they had come to Earth, who they are now realizing is indeed an alive being. In fact, as more and more of the third dimensional humans begin to remember that they had chosen to take a human body on Gaia’s Earth to assist Gaia with Her transmutation into Her higher dimensional Planetary Being.

The humans had always thought of themselves, as well as and their entire world, as being “just Third Dimensional! Fortunately, the humans more and more  beginning to remember that there is a higher frequency of reality to which they resonated before they took their third dimensional form on Gaia’s third dimensional planet. What most of the humans did not remember was that many of them were actually higher dimensional beings who had volunteered to take a third dimensional form what had become Gaia’s third dimensional planet.

The humans did not remember that long ago they had come to Gaia to assist her because there were too many lower dimensional beings,(mostly what was known as humans) that were pulling down the frequency rate of planet Earth from the higher frequencies and down into the third dimensional frequency and even below. It was then that the Galactic Beings from the surrounding planets came to Gaia to take incarnation on Gaia to assist with raising the frequency of reality back into the higher dimensions. In fact, many of those Galactic Beings have been assisting Gaia to make Her transitions from the third dimension and into the fifth dimension. 

As you can imagine, the raising of the frequency of Gaia has taken more “time” than humans could imagine. Fortunately, many Galactic Societies, which are societies that resonate to the higher frequencies of reality,  have been sending higher dimensional beings who look much like Gaia’s “humans” to assist what is known to most humans as EARTH so that Gaia and begin her Ascension process to change the resonant frequency of Gaia from the third dimension and into the fourth, fifth and even higher dimensions of reality! 

Beings who have looked like humans, many of whom have taken many life times on Earth, are eagerly and happily