The Metamorphosis of the World...

There is no doubt we are in transformational times. The planet and all its inhabitants are shifting out of the old ways of being ruled by fear. We are transitioning to a world steered toward peace and harmony ruled by Universal Law.

This time in our history was always going to happen it was inevitable. Our planet was always going to return to alignment with harmonic convergence with the Universe. We are experiencing an incredible uptick of Light from our Central sun that is making this all happen. This new Light emits light codes to manifest this New Earth. It’s not a coincidence that millions of us are waking up to this!

This New Earth will be guided by peace, harmony and synchronicity, not time and money. This light that we’re getting bombarded with is activating our DNA. These energies are connecting us to the Akashic records that contains the records of Creation which holds our Light memories of past, present and all consecutive lives in all dimensions and time.

These energies are connecting us to our highest aspect of ourselves and it knows the remedy to fix your imbalance. When all individuals heal themselves, everything will follow. When humanity takes responsibility to heal itself and live in peace and harmony with all inhabitants of Earth we will live in an existence of balance. (Christ consciousness) This is what the Bible means when it says Christ will return. We are in a time of great change and this is how creation works.

What I’m saying is we are being forced to flow with these higher frequencies which in turn makes our existence a BEAUTIFUL one. The ones that are resisting this change will get there, they have no choice, they’re just making it harder on themselves getting there. You can either take the paved road or the gravel road it’s up to you…

Eventually, everything that doesn’t flow with these new energies will fall away. Many people are feeling great uncertainty and confusion because the old paradigm is falling away, we all can see it and the new one isn’t quite in place yet hence the uncertainty and confusion. Meaning, we are leaving the old 3D consciousness and the higher 5D just isn’t quite here yet.

In many ways humanity has come to the brink of disaster worldwide. We are seeing economies collapse, global weather changes, disease, starvation, global conflict etc. It all makes sense because not only are we seeing the death process of an old structure, we are seeing the rebirth of a new process. There is madness to this magic.

It really is mind blowing the times we’re living in. We’re transitioning to a global society which is crashing the Matrix because the truth seekers are winning. This human awakening is dealing massive blows to the deceptive and controlled narrative of the old world.

We live in a world where journalists don’t report the real news, where doctors don’t know the real causes of poor health, and politicians don’t know how the money supply works and what the agenda is of those controlling it.

Our so called scientists believe in a discredited philosophy which resembles a dogmatic religion. The majority of teachers don’t realize they are teaching a system of indoctrination that is nowhere near teaching critical thinking. What it comes down to is humanity is extremely ill informed and many are just sleepwalking.

It’s easy to feel the embarrassment of our species because we should’ve known better. Meaning, the deception, dysfunction and imbalance which is beneath our intelligence. But, there is no need to lose faith in the betterment of society, because all this dysfunction and imbalance is what is needed to awaken the population. Remember, there is no such thing as coincidence!

We are now at a time that we are designing this new structure that we will leave for our children of the future so let’s get it right.

By Teri Wade on 1st of July 2021