Would Macbeth get vaccinated?


By Martin Geddes on July, 5th 2021

I wrote a script in note form as preparation for a heart to heart conversation with my older daughter, who turns 18 this month. I have edited it here for public consumption and family privacy. It is presented as if it were in the format of a vintage typewritten missive sent via the post, since this is her preferred style.

I hope that you find it of assistance in your struggle with the diabolical deception that has taken so many of our family members hostage.

Dear Daughter,

The purpose of this letter is for me to share my truth so you have the maximum information to make your own choices in life. I want "full on" adult mode henceforth, with me not hiding anything. This is the kindest and most respectful approach as your father. It won’t be easy, and it is the right way.

Is this OK with you? Adult or kid flavour? Choose now! Read no further if you want to remain a child, as I will only proceed with your consent.

Your final school report was superlative. You are an intellectual powerhouse with a brilliant mind, and a fast learner too. I am impressed. That said, the situation in the world requires you to up your game. You are already one of the best, so this is a very big ask.

I suggest that you now need to "learn to unlearn" in order to truly open your mind, deepen your curiosity, and develop your flexibility. Think of school and university as drag car racing. You have a 10,000 horsepower cranium, so you tend to win such contests easily.

But life is more like rally driving with added parking garages. We all encounter rough terrain and sometimes end up stuck in dead ends. Those who can only proceed in forward gear and on smooth track cannot make it as far, even if they are momentarily faster. Turning and reversing are every bit as important as raw speed. This is especially true when we encounter deliberately altered road signs that send us the wrong way.

You are a scholar of Greek, so you will have heard of the elements of rhetoric: logos, pathos, and ethos. (Remembering kairos and topos too gets you bonus points.) This shift in emphasis from learning to unlearning skills has many parallels. One is intuitive intelligence (i.e. heart and gut) contrasting  with intellectual (head) cleverness. Another is art versus science. Yet another is street smarts compared to book smarts. I too excelled intellectually at your age, and have had to rebalance over time in order to grow and thrive.

It is important to understand how logos knowledge is easily confused with the pathos "feeling of knowing". There is a difference — and wickedness exploits this to your detriment. Ethos is how we defend ourself against seductive lies that appeal to our better selves, and appear as noble endeavours, but actually are cruel tricks. These can draw us into indefensible acts with horrific outcomes if we are not careful.

It is not easy for you to refocus this way, since you shine so brightly at the logos and pathos, as is your gift. You are definitely the daughter of me and your mum, and not swapped at birth by accident, that’s for certain! An unprecedented and very difficult ethos situation confronts you as you come of age.

There is an apparent consensus of many trusted authorities: the media, everyday commerce, your school, published scientists, teenage peers, your mother, one grandmother and grandfather, an uncle… and so on. They all consider Covid to be a huge danger, and exceptional and vast exercise of power is warranted to face it down.

Meanwhile, you have a "mad" dad. This telecoms genius suddenly became a "dangerous extremist" without warning. You will have no doubt seen or heard of the media smears against me, and the denigration of truth seekers as being in a "QAnon cult".

As such, our family history repeats: which parent is right? Who is trapped in a maze of insanity? The Cult of Trump or Church of Covid? How do you avoid being forced to choose between your own parents with seemingly incompatible cosmologies?

Tragically, many families are divided right now, including ours. It is a crazy scary world, with sudden change. This makes us feel unsafe and fearful. We can easily find ourselves caught in a fight, flight, or freeze response that overrides rational and considered action.

On top of this, you face a totally unprecedented choice for a teenager. Gene therapy is a novel technique that lets us "play God" with our bodies. It is an irreversible a "one shot" activity that reprograms you at a cellular level, and a greater lifelong commitment than a tattoo or even marriage. As a result, nobody has ever had a father to daughter conversation like this, not in all of history. We are both the first generation ever.

I am a political dissident against medical tyranny using such technologies. You can think of it as being the equivalent of a conscientious objector, but against the violence of a "sanitary dictatorship". This is a risky path, and I have been persecuted for confronting abuses of power and widespread corruption. Am I the most censored writer in the English language right now? Who knows! It is not a competition I wish to win.

There are three reasons for us to keep talking regularly heart to heart, especially about the so-called vaccine for Covid. Firstly, to support REAL independence for you as my daughter. Secondly, to you guide you enough so my conscience is clear no matter what choices you make. And lastly, to bound the consequences for me of your free will should you unwisely select a predictably catastrophic path.

The vital question we face is not one of "yes" or "no" to taking an injection. It is not even about when it might be safe and sane to do so. It is really about why are we being offered these injections at all. That is because hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin provably work: there are multiple safe and effective therapeutics for Covid. Hence the "vaccine" has no medical, legal, or ethical basis to even exist.

It is a science fraud! Nobel prizewinners and distinguished professors say so… many of them!

It is a social and political fraud! The policies on testing, masks, social distancing, hand gels, lockdowns, and jabs — every one of them is based on scientific lies!

It is a medical fraud! These gene therapies mislabelled as vaccines have negligible benefit and massive risk, especially for the young.

On top of this is extensive censorship — of the true risks, the available alternatives, and evidence of serious harms people experience. I have encountered this personally, as have many other honest collaborators of mine. They have lost their access to the "public square" and had their voices and livelihoods stolen away. We see shameless coordinated lies across the whole mass media, which remain unchallenged as a result of such repression.

New threats have invaded our lives. For instance, artificial intelligence can be used covertly on social media to manipulate and divide people. Just as concerning is how industry-funded science is used as a sales tool for the "harmaceutical industry". As a result our "healthcare" services have become a "sickness for profit" system. This is unethical at best, and downright evil at worst.

The endless anomalies and inconsistencies in the official Covid narrative are not hard to discover. Something is wrong. Very, very wrong.

Look at the misleading media reports of mass protests against lockdowns, coercion, and deception — if they even exist. There are many "lies of omission" that create a false perception of general consent and widespread consensus.

Look at the mass online deplatforming of scientists, writers, and dissenters who question the narrative. This denies the public a diversity of ideas, allows power to be exercised unchecked, and suckers many into unthinking compliance.

Look at the whistle-blowers inside the healthcare system who have been sacked and silenced. We see a ruthless elimination of the feedback that would bring justice to wrongdoers and trigger change to prevent repetition.

Malice on this global and pervasive scale by powerful authorities is very hard to confront: it is literally "unbelievable", but personal belief does not define reality or risk. Yes, it is beyond scary. So many have suffered or been shut up: I have worked with a few of them, and they have awful and shocking stories of extensive criminality by those we have trusted.

Indeed, it can be so terrifying that we want to ignore the danger: "vax me now so the uncomfortable uncertainty and conflict inside ends". Sadly, that is the road to disaster and despotism.

Here is my advice and request as your father.


This is a famous essay by the Soviet dissident Solzhenitsyn, and I urge you to read it. Over and over, if need be.

Truth is not defined by political, academic, or religious authorities.
Truth must not be confused with popularity or consensus.
Truth can be lonely and painful.


I am very worried about your mother, as she has joined this dangerous medical experiment. She didn’t consult me first, even though affects your younger sister. I believe she has adopted unethical reasoning, and made incorrect assumptions, due to an unhealthy attitude.

It could go wrong for her. I hope not, as I love her thoroughly even though we are divorced. We will all do our best come what may.

I am glad your godfather has paid more attention and taken a wiser course. Please listen to what he says, and your granny here too. We all share deep concerns about what is happening, even if for different reasons and at varying levels of understanding.

I cry inside too for the choices my father and brother have made. Only time will tell what the true danger and damage is, and what remedies may be available, if any.

I can give detail if you want it, and have prepared resources for you. I have written two books myself, printed out relevant key papers for you, and filled a USB memory stick with important videos to watch. These are credible, authoritative, and official sources, since that is what you value.

I consider that I have done my part as the father of a dependent child. You are 18 very soon, and must both power and steer your own ship. Regardless of your choice, you have my unconditional love as my daughter. You are always welcome back into my arms, and to talk to me, no matter what. I will never reject you. Never.

But I cannot offer you unconditional support. I am not joining this mass medical suicide cult, as I have had enough of cults already from my childhood, and I know how they work. I have studied social engineering techniques, and also know how arrogant "experts" (even those in cults!) are easily fooled by cunningly created fake consensus.

So some difficult adult conversations are needed, and you will have to grow up extremely fast! I cannot and will not hide my feelings or the facts. That is not who I am.

I did recommend that you read the introduction to Jacques Ellul's classic book on propaganda, and how intellectuals are the most vulnerable to it. This goes against their naive assumptions. So far you have declined my advice. This makes me sad, but it is your choice. That is OK: it is not my job to choose for you.

I would love to see more genuine curiosity and open inquiry from you, and not casual dismissal or mocking labels. Please show some respect for my diligent research work and resulting beliefs. I have taken great care not to fall into the same traps as others. If I am wrong, show me how, and I will reconsider my views.

That said, I am already proven irrefutably right on many critical issues. Articles I wrote at the beginning of the pandemic have been vindicated by hard data and undeniable events. I am not alone in my outlook: many are in silent agreement, including people you know. You are welcome to talk to any of my friends and contacts to get a diversity of perspectives. Huge numbers of people are protesting against this totalitarianism, but this is not shown in the mass media.

The bottom line is ethos is everything: so do follow your conscience, wherever it may take you. Yet be careful what moral code your conscience follows, and which higher authorities you trust, as there are many impostors among the contenders for righteous wisdom.

You can fearlessly search for truth, and reject lies, wherever that journey takes you and no matter how unpleasant it gets. Or you can succumb to what is easy and convenient and comfortable and quick and uncontroversial. The choice is yours.


But make sure it really is YOUR choice, and not what you have been conditioned to do, believing it is your choice — when it is really just an indoctrinated dogma of a dangerous ideology.

I can can help you to learn discernment, and uncover longstanding deep deceit and mass psychosis.
I can guide you around the lies, and offer helpful maps, so you can navigate the complexity and confusion.
I can identify hidden danger and hucksters who might hurt you.
I can offer you hope of a much better world within reach.
I can point out narcissistic people at work, and psychopathic culture in operation, that might divert you from arriving there.
I can bring you an exceptional network of people to support you through difficult times on the way.

I cannot carry you, and I won’t shove you.
It is pointless directing you.
And you know it.

I will love myself first if you choose self-harm over health. Research "Stockholm syndrome" — the adoration of oppression and oppressors. We face a society-wide psychological and spiritual sickness of this nature. For healthcare has been silently weaponised by dark forces to harm us. It is depraved and disgusting.

I cannot and will not collude with such lies, because I choose not to live by lies.

Nonetheless you should go on big adventures! Even if we are effectively at war, albeit undeclared. Even if they are dangerous and risky journeys of discovery. Even if things go badly wrong and tragedy happens. This is what the ancient Greeks would consider an honourable ending, and I approve too.

Just not foolish misadventures. Know the difference. So a canoe trip down the Nile is a "yes", but not if you can’t swim.

I love you. You are beautiful, intelligent, and altruistic.

And this is very hard to face honestly.
You and me.
In a spiritual battle against an unseen enemy.

It is "incredible" — but not impossible. Whilst it is extremely discomforting there is also a lot of hope. Many wonderful and joyful people are fighting for our freedom from lies and liars.

It is not a "conspiracy theory". I already know people sick from the "vaccine". For instance, I had a very disturbing call yesterday with a "double vaxxed" friend with likely blood clots in his lungs and breathing problems. It it is being blamed on "Covid" by the hospital but…

It is up to you whether this inquiry goes further. You have to choose to know, as the truth is extremely bitter. But the sweet lie makes you far sicker in the end.

I have had only one hour of sleep, since those who see through the lies are sleepless.

Yet we can each make a huge difference…
…if we wake up to the gargantuan deception
and take action to protect ourselves
and those we love —
both the vaxxed and unvaxxed.

This is the hardest thing I have ever done. I do it because a much better and more peaceful world is possible. My desire is for you to experience that world — unharmed. I am filled with a warrior urge to protect you, your sister, and your mother. Especially your mother right now.

A hunger for truth and freedom started me off many years ago. This renewed vision of peace and prosperity drives me through the hard times now and to come. Yes, an unimaginably better world is possible.

But on one condition. We must reject comfortable yet popular falsehoods in sufficient numbers, and instead pursue what is observably and objectively real. That includes you.

The pharmaceutical industry doesn’t have your best interest at heart.

I do.

xxx daddy xxx