St. Germaine – Write Love Everywhere!


Greetings, I am St. Germaine, Keeper of the Violet Flame, beloved friend, and I would like to think closest ally. I come this day, not only to remind you of momentous things, of your I AM Presence, but yes, to re-instill, to reawaken, that innocent child and the sense of joy, of awe and wonder.

Yes, the Council has told you, “Be the participant observer, more participant at moments, not days or hours or weeks or months, and the observer eternally.” Is there much up for elimination and removal, transmutation, transformation, morphing, transubstantiation upon this planet? Yes, there most certainly is, and isn’t that great news?

During the class with Archangel Uriel…which I was in full attendance at…we have suggested to you that there is no more hiding and that is not a message simply for this group, it is for all of you, my beloved friends….there is no need. And you say to me, “But Germaine, I am not hiding, it’s simply that nobody wants what I have to offer.” Well, my beloved, I do! So, I invite you to come outside into the beauty and the fresh air of our sweet Gaia, to come and to play with me.

You say, “Oh no, no, no St. Germaine, I have work to do.” Might I suggest to you that the work of joy and laughter is so important? It is transformative, for when your heart is light, when you feel that joy, when you see the outrageous humor of Archangel Gabrielle, and the fairies and the nymphs, and the dolphins, this is transmitted far and wide. Laughing out loud, especially outside, is transmitted all over your planet and far beyond.

This undertaking, this journey of light and laughter that we are traveling upon together was never meant to be dense and arduous and difficult. Are there moments? Yes. But how are we, you and we and all of us, converting that density? Well, we’ve tried everything else…let’s try laughter, let’s try exuberance, let’s try two fingers to the heart, let’s try play.

Long ago I have requested of thee to assist me in the anchoring of love upon this beautiful planet into the hearts of billions. And I am not suggesting that you have not been doing this because you have been doing it in a famous, fabulous, stellar manner. Look at yourself, look at each other and give yourself…what is that ‘high five’?…a secret signal, a smile, laughter, a pat on the back…give yourself your due and when you are doing so, know it is from me, know it is from the entire Council – but I digress…

Long ago I have asked you to write ‘love’ in the water, whether it is a pristine river, whether it is a fishing hole, whether it is the Atlantic or the Pacific, or simply a jug on your counter, in your bathwater. Write ‘love’ and do so my beloved ones, with my Violet Flame, violet ink, use my ray. And then write ‘love’ in the air, in the very air. Write it across the sky…use your finger and write in the air, in the water, in the air inside your home. Write ‘love’ on your thigh. Write ‘love’ on your tummy. Write ‘love’ on your best friend or your partner’s heart.

I am renewing my request to use my Violet Flame and to write ‘love’ everywhere and to communicate. That writing is un-erasable, it is immutable, and it is the wave, the sound, and the energy of transformation, transmutation, and the anchoring of the I AM. It is a reminder to Gaia, to the kingdoms…write ‘love’ on your cat and dog and horse…it is a reminder to Gaia and to the kingdoms that you have not forgotten them and that you share the same mission and purpose. They know and they know that you know, but it is like someone saying, “I love you” as Mi-ka-el has talked about this very week. You may know someone loves you, but do you not wish to hear it? Do you not wish to feel it, to receive it, to have it refreshed and renewed? Of course, you do.

So, you are giving, not only of my Violet Flame but of the brilliance of your heart, the brilliance of your soul, the brilliance of your crown and your tummy. Let Gaia know; write in the grass, write on your trees, write on your geraniums, and then they are transmitting this energy to all…all who pass by and they may not know the reason why, as they pass by, that they are smiling and they feel good and the burden of the day just disappeared.

My sweet angels of love, let us do this together and let us do this for Gaia, for the kingdoms, for humanity, for the collective, and most of all, let us do this for the Mother. Declare your love and do it with me.

I thank you and I love you. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon