Twin flame Ascension report: We are approaching critical mass and reaching the tipping point now


Dearest brothers and sisters,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward now, in this moment of your time with much news to share with you ever-evolving humanity.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that abiding peace can only be sourced in the present moment. It is very important that everyone reading these words find a spiritual practice to anchor to at these profoundly transformative times that we are going through as a collective.
The spiritual practices I recommend and advocate are: resting as awareness for short moments and going on endless rampages of gratitude.
Whenever we commit to a spiritual practice, we send subconscious messages to our egoic victim narrative, that it is no longer in the driving seat of our consciousness.
We are communicating to it that our higher self is beginning to take over the reins. I really cannot express how important it is, brothers and sisters, for you to take heed of these words. It is very important that you are stabilized at this time of great planetary shift.
There are so many people around you who are relying on you to be truly anchored in present moment consciousness, the zero point field to assist them to navigate these unprecedented times.
It's very important that everyone reading these words understand that the despicable powers that “were” are truly scraping the bottom of the barrow now in order to try to create division and separation in humanity.
It is always advisable to use critical thinking at all times when it comes to the issues and agendas, particularly anything perpetuated by the mainstream media.
You have to apply critical thinking and think to yourself, who is this agenda benefiting? Is it giving more control and power to the d-eletes? Or is it empowering humanity?
You will find that most of the agendas that are being exposed at the moment have been orchestrated to harness and collect more power for the powers that were and disempower humanity.
Therefore, please do not give your time or energy to any mainstream media agendas. This is very, very important. Particularly if you are an awakened star seed, it is absolutely fundamental that you do not feed these divisive controlled narratives that have been deeply designed to orchestrate separation and profound division in our beautiful society.
It is best to focus on your own inner world, go on rampages of kindness, remembering that every single one of your brothers and sisters is suffering from PTSD to some degree from being incarnated into the matrix, which has sought to degrade and deny every single one of God's children's divinity and innate sacredness.
It has been very challenging for all of us to be incarnated into the matrix. And one of the most profound ways to shift your vibration permanently is to approach all your brothers and sisters with deep love, compassion, kindness, and understanding that everyone is suffering on some level to some degree on the spectrum of trauma.
The energies are now building up towards the Magdalene feast day and the day out of time, it is only recently that the Catholic church has acknowledged Mary Magdalene as a Saint and has awarded her a feast day.
It is very important that we, the awakened ground crew, come together to celebrate this feast day and acknowledge the role of the divine feminine in terms of harnessing the new earth energies into the collective.
In this transmission, we will be activating the Magdalene flame that resides within all. Everyone is born with a spark /potential to realize their eternal divinity.
We will be working with many powerful energies, which will transform the spark of the Magdalene flame to become a fully fledged roaring fire indicative of she who burns as one who walks as the Magdalene.
This is appropriate for men and women as the divine feminine energies reside both in men and women as do the divine masculine energies reside within both men and women.
In the Magdalene transmission, we will also be working to activate galactic intervention for this current 3D convid narrative. And we will be working with the higher self of all of the military and police offices to put down their helmets and join humanity and protect us.

Please know it is my deepest honor to serve you all, my brothers and sisters. And I will continue to show up with the transmissions and continue to show up with these ascension reports.
In love and eternal light Jenji and the White Wolf tribe.

The Mary Magdalene feast day ceremony
The Mary Magdalene feast day will take place on the 21st of July at 8:08 p.m. UK time.

In this transmission, we will work deeply with the energies of the Divine feminine Christ known as Sophia also known as Magdalene.
We will all receive a powerful light language dispensation that will enable us to become full embodiments of the Magdalene.
Magdalene is the rebel she is unafraid to walk alone and she will stand in her truth in the protection of the vulnerable, regardless of anyone's opinion of her.
It is very important that we empower this flame of sovereignty and Divine femininity in as many brothers and sisters as possible.
In this transmission, we will also be working with the higher self of all police officers and military to communicate to them on a spiritual soul consciousness level to put down their helmets and join humanity as we take our planet back from the dark despicable powers that have hijacked our planet for eons.
It is very important that the ground crew come forward to participate in this global ceremony as the more of us who gather on our grid points, the quicker we will activate the shift in the Collective……….
This is extremely important work for the collective and for all our future generations to come, and we have an extremely powerful and solid ground crew who are deeply committed to showing up continuously for this global ceremonial work. As soon as you sign up for the transmission you will receive a PDF file from sellfy this will be in your spam box or your all mailbox.
It is very important that you download this PDF file as it gives you the link to the transmission on the 21st july
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