The Last Judgment


“If the meaning of the Last Judgment is objectively examined, it is quite apparent that it is really the doorway to life. No one who lives in fear is really alive.”
- A Course In Miracles T.2.V.3

“The Last Judgment is generally thought of as a procedure undertaken by God. Actually it will be undertaken by my brothers with my help. It is a final healing rather than a meting out of punishment, however much you may think that punishment is deserved. Punishment is a concept totally opposed to rightmindedness, and the aim of the Last Judgment is to restore rightmindedness to you. The Last Judgement might be called a process of right evaluation. It simply means that everyone will finally come to understand what is worthy and what is not. After this the ability to choose can be directed rationally. Until this distinction is made, however, the vacillations between free and imprisoned will cannot but continue.” T.2.VIII.3

Those of us who are awakening to the truth of our being, the truth beyond appearances, can feel Earth’s energies building to a crescendo of sorts. Astrologists explain that we have entered into a highly photonic sector of space in which intense, activating light is cascading through our systems, purifying and purging that which no longer serves.

As our collective eye slowly opens to what has until recently been hidden from humanity’s view, we are called upon to confront the dark, unwanted energies of manipulation, control, and abuse. It is our nature as beings of light to resist such manifestations of negativity, but the more we focus our attention on them, fight against them, and blame others for them, the more firmly we draw them into our lived experience. We are powerful creator beings, constantly forming the physical through thought, belief, and emotion, and we are learning day by day that it is only in choosing love over fear, truth over manipulation, and sovereignty and freedom over control that we transmute the darkness we no longer want into light.

The wayshowers among us fully sense the importance of this time. Whether we are conscious of it or not, we are experiencing the tumultuous rumblings of the great undoing. Our inner being feels the darkness as it edges towards the surface for exposure and reckoning, the final “judgment” that is not a true judgment of anyone or anything outside of us, but an evaluation of what must be acknowledged as our own manifestations. It is a moment in time in which we are afforded an opportunity to reject the dark underbelly that we have individually and collectively miscreated through ignorance and fear and intentionally embrace all that we have created in beauty, unity, and love.

“The purpose of time is to ‘give you time’ to achieve this judgment. It is your own perfect judgment of your own perfect creations. When everything you retain is lovable, there is no reason for fear to remain with you. This is your part in the Atonement.” T.2.VIII.5.8

Those of us who see beyond the veil of illusion are currently confronting intense energies of persecution and control. Through our ability to witness and dissolve these energies from a neutral, heart-centered perspective, we are laying the groundwork for the collective to follow in our footsteps.
The story of Jesus exemplifies how we can confront and overcome the drama of persecution (“Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.”) by choosing love and unity over fear and victimization, even in the most extreme and seemingly horrific circumstances.

In the story, Jesus was able to offer love in the face of persecution because he identified not with his body but with the immutable light within. This light unified him with all beings through his conscious connection to Source, the One, Infinite Creator. It is only through this absolute knowing, this going within and feeling, this direct experience of the Truth, that we are truly free from the distortions of light into darkness and wholeness into fragmentation.

Just as the Lightworkers of today are attempting to follow in Jesus’ footsteps, humanity will eventually be asked to follow in our footsteps. It is part of the great undoing, part of the divine plan. We are all made to witness the energies of power, control, and persecution in order to awaken from the illusion and make a final choice for love. Our role as Lightworkers, then, is to continue to see through programs of fear and separation, to identify more and more fully with the light, to trust and believe in this light regardless of appearances, and to demonstrate to all of humanity that the way beyond suffering is to choose love, unity, and forgiveness over fear.

-Rebecca Porter