Matt Kahn: Being Present


Dear Friend,

Constantly trying to change your feelings is an act of abandonment toward your current emotional state. No matter the reasons projected upon them, your emotions exist as part of a greater evolutionary process you are in. It’s a process where your feelings will change on their own as you make your way through each stage -- making difficult emotions less about you or anything you believe you have done or are currently doing wrong.

When difficult emotions arise, it is an opportunity to be fully present with how you feel without comparing it to more preferable emotions or looking for ways to numb the intensity.

It may even feel as if a part of you is dying, as if all hope has been lost, or even as though you're frantically looking for someone or something to distract or rescue you from this plight.
All the while, such feelings exist as signposts of crucial and necessary stages of rebirth that can be ushered in more directly when there is no other way to be, other than how you feel right now. No matter how often painful feelings ping-pong you back forth between emotional highs and lows, it is all a part of a bigger journey, where a release of control establishes a deeper space of connection — once all forms of negotiation come to an end.

All For Love,