My Soul Tribe as it relates to Gaia - Dancing Dolphin's Higher Self

By Dancing Dolphin received June 24, 2021, Published July 27, 2021

Preface from Dancing Dolphin: Recently I have been thinking about the special people in my life, those whom upon meeting (whether in person or online) I feel instantly connected, as if we’ve known each other forever. Female or male, the gender doesn’t matter. We are recognizing or remembering our Souls! When this happens, I always get excited and speak very fast because it makes me feel so happy!  I understand these people are in my Soul Family or Tribe; a group of us who travel through time together, appear in each other's lives in significant roles, work together on projects and generally support each other. I wanted to know more about my own Soul Tribe, so I asked my Higher Self to tell me about it, in regards to Gaia specifically.  

After I received this uplifting message I debated awhile about whether or not to share it with everyone, as it is a bit personal.  So, I tested the waters first by sharing it with a few friends and got positive feedback so here it is! I don't know how many people are in "my" Soul Tribe, it could be hundreds, thousands or millions.  I hope you enjoy the higher perspective my Higher Self shared with me!  She has much more to share, so stay tuned.  

Note from DD’s Higher Self:  Please note, when we use the collective term WE, we are referring to and/or speaking as your Soul Tribe, all the Souls in your Tribe may speak as ONE and are doing so whenever we use WE.


Well, let’s start at the beginning, dear One. OUR Soul Family is the best of course, because we are in it! (She laughs). No seriously, we are the best!!!! We have so much love, joy, camaraderie, friendship, respect and support for each other. We are all individuals, but we are ONE. On Gaia, we have been here since her birth. We volunteered for this project right out of the gate. We have excellent credentials and reputation, so this gig was offered to us at day one. We took it!!! Gladly! Whole heartedly, without hesitation!!! Yes, as you have been told before, this is our 9th Ascension world/project and we love these!! It’s the long haul, billions of years. We take turns, we take lifetimes together and apart, we seed light, we seed insight, we seed love, we seed illumination, we seed inventions, we seed original thought, we seed revolutions when necessary, we seed grand scale events and timelines.

We are co-creators with Source. We co-created this world from the start. On a cosmic scale, we are also world-builders, gods with a little “g” as you might say. As we have taken part in 8 other world’s Ascensions we have seen much and come from a very wide perspective and massive experience level.

So, we assisted in the co-creation of Gaia, beautiful Gaia. We brought in all our favorite wildlife, vegetation, landscapes, oceans, tundras, deserts, forest, jungles...all were memories and first hand experiences that we had on other planets. The trick is making them work together on one planet—and a small planet at that!

We wanted a grand scale mix of all of the best that we had experienced and discovered and explored in all our many, many lifetimes. The party is happening HERE on GAIA! Everything is here because we brought it here, we created it here for this massive, mega event. Do you see? Do you understand this scope dear one? We didn’t just ‘get the call’ and arrive as you think or have thought. We got the call—which was: Do you want to do this from square one? Blank slate. Gaia herself—her Soul had volunteered and that’s all that we had to start with. We had our Tribe, our visions and some drawing room!!! We are not boasting dear one, just telling it like it is. Truth.

Now, we had so much fun creating Gaia’s beautiful body!!!! So much joy in creation as you know! Dabbling here and there, trial and error, adjusting, tweaking and so on. Millions of your years in creation. We tweaked until we got it right. What’s the rush? No rush, no hurry, just joy in creating. After we completed her beautiful body, we began with the animals and plant life. We created the forests, the rivers full of fish, the oceans full of sea life creatures, jungles became populated with exotic animals, gorgeous plants and even insects. You get the idea. We had to inhabit Gaia with all these types of life before bringing in hu-man (god+man).

By the time we decided to bring in a higher life form body that Souls could incarnate inside of, we had some tweaking and experimenting to do here also. The bodies that you all sport around today did not happen overnight. (chuckles). Noooo, we took our time here too. The flesh suits of many types of galactic families were tried here as well. Of course, we had to adjust the bodies for the environment that we had created. We created you as a model of ourselves at our highest form when in form; gods with a little g. Your ancestors were magnificent. They stood upright, not as apes. They were very tall, lived hundreds of your years so that various souls could come and go within them at will. This was in the beginning.

We knew that Gaia’s pristine body would attract others from the cosmos and that some of these beings would want to take her for themselves. Which they did. They also began tinkering with the perfected hu-mans that we had created. They stole from your bodies. They lessened the perfection that we had created. However, as much as this dismayed us, we knew that this was the plan. We were not to interfere, but to carry on.

There are millions and millions of years of Gaia’s history that your society knows nothing about and we are not going to go over all that at this time. That serves no purpose. We will mention that many, many civilizations came and went over millions of years on Gaia. Galactic visitors, both “light and dark” came and went. (DD: benevolent and malevolent). Each time they visited, they brought more of themselves here and incorporated themselves here on Gaia. Think of when some of your people visit a new place and decide they may want to set down “roots.” They sometimes bring their favorite type of tree and plant it by their new home. This is what we are referring to. Plant life and animals were brought from all over the galaxy to Gaia over time. And at times, Gaia’s galactic visitors also continued to tinker, to meddle with your hu-man bodies. Some wanted hu-mans as slaves and lessened your god-like abilities even further so you would not fight back. They took more and more of US out of your flesh suits, so that less and less of your god-like Souls could fit into your flesh suits.

Dear One, do you remember as a child that squished in feeling in your body? Like it was too small and it felt very uncomfortable to be squeezed inside a body? (Yes, I hated that feeling!). Then you will understand how we felt. It became more and more difficult for us to incarnate into those tiny bodies, so we had to step down our Soul presence even further, which eventually shut off our connection to our Higher Selves when we took incarnations on Gaia. We would incarnate and forget our Missions! This is when the dark ages began. It was incredibly difficult for us to stay on-mission once we jumped into a body. The dark ages lasted millions of years until we began to learn tricks to remind us of who we really were while in the flesh suits. It was our joint task to bring light back to Gaia, so of course, we persevered!! The few of us that were strong enough to accomplish this really saved this Project. Tricks and tips were shared and eventually, enough of us began to share light in the darkness. As we said at the start, we seeded light in various forms on and inside Gaia. We planted seeds within the consciousness of the times, within the hearts and minds of those whom we had incarnated with.

At this point we should make it clear that WE were not the only Tribe working for Gaia. There are many others!! Many, many others! OK? (Yes! Did all of those Tribes also take part in the creation process?) No, not all of them, but a few of them did. And, we welcomed their assistance and expertise! With joy! Co-creation is joy!! And, we will admit here and now that we did not create the ‘planet’ Gaia with all her inner and outer layers as you may think of her sphere. The other tribes did that. We were tasked with the surface; the structure and form of her surface (as we said above...mountains, tundras, oceans, etc.) and then all the life on top of that. Clear? (Yes). The other tribes had more experience and expertise in creating the planet form so we happily turned that portion of the project over to them. They determined her size and bodily structure, including all the inner worlds as well. (Awesome!) YES. As they were working on that, we were planning ahead on what we would like to bring to her surface, gathering up all our favorite aspects of our previous experiences as we mentioned above.

OK, let’s keep going. Now, so we have told you how Gaia is so beautiful and unique that she stands out in the galaxy and everyone wanted to come here to claim her as their own. We knew this would happen, we also knew that it was part of the plan that it would go dark. There are more dark beings in the galaxy, universe and omniverse than we care to admit and acknowledge. So, it was part of the plan that they would take over our beautiful Gaia. This happened over and over. Waring tribes would arrive and fight for her. You can imagine. (Yes). Over and over until the strongest survived after millions of years. And by that time, they had also corrupted our beautiful humans into slaves.

Alas, Gaia stood brave and true. Her beauty continued to shine and she never gave up on the knowing that all would be well. She continually sent her surface and inner world dwellers love, a Mother’s love to help sustain them, all of them; humans, animals, plants, etc.

OK, that was millions of years of Gaia’s history in about two pages, quick enough summary? (LOL) We did this because we know that you are wanting to hear about your Soul Tribe in Gaia’s recent past and present time, correct? (Yes, but I loved this history!). Yes, then let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of what is going on Gaia now and what our Soul Tribe has been up to.

As you are aware, dear heart, your/our Soul is massive and multi-dimensional and as time is non-linear we have thousands of “lives” all happening in this NOW across many universes. I realize that this is hard to comprehend. But actually all the “lives” that our Soul is experiencing (or takes, has taken or ever will take from the POV* of a linear time frame) is occurring NOW. This doesn’t mean that we are spread too thin, our Soul has more than enough essence of us to accomplish this feat.  [*Point of View]

So...all the planets that you/we and our Soul Tribe help to Ascend and all the other projects that we take on also, are all happening NOW. That is an awful lot of information to keep straight, correct? (Yes! Oh my gosh! Do you keep track of all of that?)

No, I do not have the capacity to process all of that information, only Source Creator can do that. But I am sharing this wide expanded perspective with you to broaden your mind before we go further. This is needed. Dear heart, you have been a Seeker of truth, of spirituality and deeper knowledge for more than half of your life now. But it is the limited perspective that you have of being a Being on a small planet that has stunted your thinking. So, I am bringing your mind up from Gaia, out into the expanse of ‘space’ and asking that you take all of this in. You have done an excellent job of seeking truth and increasing your spiritual awareness, this is not a slap on the wrist I am giving you, but a gift. A gift of expansiveness. Now, so when you look at Gaia from this distance, and imagine ALL of your “lives” where a piece of your Soul dropped down to live in a body, no matter what planet, are all happening right now; how does Gaia look to you? (Small. Beautiful, but small.)

Yes, correct interpretation. Not that any viewpoint you said would be incorrect for I was asking for your perspective. So, if Gaia is so small, yet very beautiful and enticing with all the diversity that WE created and eons of Galactic visitors added to her, why is she so special? One thing that you haven’t thought of dear One, is that there are multiple “Projects” going on here, on Gaia!

Yes, the Ascension Project is the one that you focus on because it involves humankind, and you are obviously in that role right now. But the melting pot of multitudes of lifeforms all co-existing together is quite miraculous as well! From your perspective, you have always known this as normal as you have observed it first hand. And although ‘man-kind’ has been detrimental to many plants, animals and the ecosystem in general, Gaia continues to thrive! She and her children all have survived and thrived these many millennia. This is but one of the “other” Projects that have been created and are being scrutinized and studied continually on Gaia. Gaia is special for so many reasons and most of them do not have anything to do with hu-mans or Ascension! Many times, we hear hu-mans ask “Why are they here?” when they speak of Galactics visiting Gaia. They assume always that it has something to do with them. We find this humorous. Many of the Galactic Teams visiting Gaia are Science Teams studying the plant and animal life on and inside Gaia.

We would like the hu-mans on Gaia to contemplate this: Why do you feel that the Galactics are outsiders who wish to do you harm? Now, we realize that this is not the case with all hu-mans, but we would estimate that it is so for 80% living on Gaia at this time. 80% of Gaians fear their Galactic neighbors. Galactics are Beings who wear different flesh suits than you do and are just different versions of you. They also have Souls. They also have Families. They also have Higher Selves and Soul Tribes! And, many of the ones that are visiting Gaia now are your Soul Sparks! They are sparks off of your very own Souls who are living a life as a Being who travels on a space ship to a new planet to do a job. They are being of service to their own planet but studying Gaia and by assisting Gaians on their Ascension path. Does this ring true to you? Can you see this point of view? It would be the same as if you studied and worked hard so that you could join the newly formed Space Force of the USA and travel the galaxy. Correct? (Yes!) This is a big dream for many Gaians. This would be an honor and a joy for many of you who love the stars and adventure! You, those of you whom call yourself Awakened, Lightworkers or StarSeeds...ponder this, please.

(End of Part One).

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