Mike Quinsey's Higher Self Message, August 27, 2021

It is difficult for you to see the direction things are going in when so much is happening all at once. But for certain, things cannot return as before and most belong to an Age that was suited to its time, but not in the present time when things have moved on through changes that are here to stay. What is happening is that you are shaking off that which no longer serves you, to a more appropriate lifestyle that is suited to the New Age. It has not been easy especially for those who cling to the old ways and some are even scared as to what the changes may bring. However, be assured that in the long run all will be well received and result in a more pleasant life.

When you look around, remember that each person is playing a role and has incarnated with the necessary abilities and knowledge to enable their life plan to give them the opportunities they need to further their evolution. So you are not seeing the whole person but only an aspect of them. In reality you are all great beings with numerous qualities and skills, accumulated over many, many lives. By working in this way it gives the soul every opportunity to succeed in their life plan. Some will ask about freewill but remember that the soul agreed a life plan before it incarnated, and their Guides will do everything within their power to help it to succeed. Each life progressively helps the soul to progress and move further along their life path.

Also realise that you have to experience as both male and female to ensure you are balanced, and it is therefore necessary that you are impartial where sexes are concerned. Clearly you could not be expected to understand the “opposite sex” unless it was through personal experience. It means that you have a greater appreciation of them and are able to extend help and show compassion towards them. It means that in time you will become a balanced soul with complete understanding of both sexes. Quite often you will come across a soul that claims to be in the wrong body. This is often due to them having stayed too often as one particular sex, and then finding it difficult to adapt to the other one.

Keep calm and know that the effort you have put in to raise your vibrations will keep you on track for Ascension. Keep an open mind as to what that may mean to you personally, as your thoughts are becoming more powerful. It is also as well to keep positive even if you are sorely tested to react by the circumstances you are in. Thoughts are far more powerful than you may possibly imagine, so wish for the positive and ignore the negative. It is hard to keep calm when there is chaos around you but it will be a test of your willpower, and with determination you will get through and you will find that you will feel much better for it.

There is no mystery about the future except that each soul is not necessarily going to have the same experiences. So it is difficult to be precise about it beyond confirming that those souls that are ready will move into the higher levels that you know as the fifth dimension. It is open for any soul to reach it, but it requires intent and dedication to keep to the path ahead. You will be tried and tested but even if you waver there is no reason why you should not bounce back. Never be disheartened if you should go astray, get back on your path as soon as possible and all will be well again.

There will be some concern as to what the future holds for families particularly where they are tight knit, but be assured that most will stay together. However, you cannot stop progress and if a soul has made headway in its evolution you cannot stop them from rising up if they are prepared for it. When you get on the other side as you do between incarnations, you will understand the greater picture and realise that families come and go all of the time and do not necessarily continue to stay together. Even if they do they will not always reincarnate as the same gender. It depends entirely on what particular experiences a soul needs to carry on evolving.

However, some souls are very independent and insist on getting their own way and that is accepted as their freewill choice, but they also have to accept the consequences of their actions, as they cannot override the karma involved. Your Guides do know what is best for you, because as we often tell you they are able to see the broader picture that you cannot see. You are in the only freewill Universe in the Galaxy and once you move beyond the lower vibrations, your natural instinct is to live in harmony and peace with all life and you have no reason or desire to exert freewill. A difficult concept when you often have to exert your freewill to be able to progress on your chosen path.

At present you see chaos everywhere but it is all part of the cleansing that is taking place and be assured that things will settle down in due course. The problems you face are very testing and show how far the Human Race has evolved where its compassion and love for its fellow travellers is concerned. Your leaders have a golden opportunity to show what it means when faced with what are often traumatic circumstances involving people from all levels of society. We see a movement towards a greater understanding of the needs of people, and acceptance that you are all responsible for each other's well being. Certainly the conditions on Earth seem to be deteriorating and a collective effort seems required to put things right. What you do to this end will reveal how much you have grown where it involves your caring and love for other souls.

Ask for what you want or need to overcome your problems and guidance will be given. We cannot always promise to meet your demands as they may not be in accordance with the greater plan for your evolution. However, we will do all we can to set you upon a path that will give you opportunities to make progress. That way you will find things fitting in with your plans and helping you succeed. We do so much to help you that you are unaware of and do so out of our love for humankind. We want you to succeed in your endeavours and gently nudge you to keep you on the right path that will eventually overcome the problems you face.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.
In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.