2022 - AMPLIFIED DUALITY - Highest Council of Light Through Penni Moore


Greetings dearest light beings! May we direct your attention to the numbers 2022. The #2 is one of duality. Divided equally into two 1+1=2. The year 2022 also symbolizes new beginnings from a duality standpoint but compounded because the number is in fact a 2. Now add to that a 0 which symbolizes infinity, and all that is. In otherwards the full spectrum of the Divine. It represents a complete circle with no beginning and no end. Stay with us here as this may seem a bit confusing. Add to the 2+0 the double 2’s. Do you see where this is going? Duality is amplifying on your planet right along with angelic guidance, love, and abundance on all levels.

The year 2022 is going to be “a wild ride” so “hold on to your hats!” Thus 2022 will be a very powerful year for humanity and planet earth both on the level of form and in humanity’s ascension journey. If you have not done the work on self to clear your emotions, triggers and soul wounds, these aspects of your life will be greatly amplified to literally force your awareness in either healing your pain body or remaining in the “muck” of it all. This is where humans on planet earth will either do the work on self or decide to leave the planet by making their transition into spirit. Quite a lot of souls will choose to make their transition to spirit between the years 2022-2025.

Now, on the other hand if you have done the work on self, and ultimately healed your pain body to a greater degree, the events and situations on earth will not be felt as traumatically or much at all. Yes, there is always work to be done, but if you have ascended a lot of what has triggered you as emotional and physical pain you will be more in balance vibrationally speaking, and events and situations will be less traumatic for you. Add to this a greater connection with the spiritual realms, along with more joy, abundance, and love in your life. In essence you will go with the flow much more and allow your journey to continue to unfold.

As to your fellow brothers and sisters having difficulty during this 2022 year, please remember to be compassionate and assist them when and where you feel inclined to do so. So many community programs are being set up to assist humanity. Offer your talents, skills, and expertise where you can. Assistance to humanity is occurring everywhere from help with debts as an example. May we suggest you look at what is occurring in countries across the globe in helping people pay their bills and purchasing food and necessities for their brothers and sisters in need. There are so many people working behind the scenes as volunteers to ignite such incredible ideas and spur them into action. This is what being in community is all about. And mostly everyone can be of service in some way, as you all have gifts, skills, and expertise in so many varied areas. Bartering will and has come into play for services and goods. People are travelling to countries in great need of clean water, healthy food, and shelter to improve the lives in the countries in dire need of assistance. People have been assisting in this way for decades, but may we say this type of assistance will flow through people with a much higher vibrational consciousness.

Now, may we say in the year 2022 there will be more darkness playing out on your planet and the events and situations may appear to be very extreme, but on the other side of the “coin”, so to speak (duality) so much light, love and abundance will be flowing in, as well. Thus, the amplified 2+0+2+2 duality effect along with darkness and light in communion with each other.

Continue to Raise Your Vibration

We ask that in all situations you remain neutral and maintain a high vibration. Situations play out differently for a high vibrational being. Even more reason to keep raising your frequency. Remember, there are different timelines playing out on different dimensions all the time. What timeline do you choose to play out in the year 2022 and beyond? It is your choice. The timelines that will play out for you depend on how high your vibrational frequency is.

In the meantime, work on the self. Heal your emotions and triggers by forgiving them and releasing them to the Holy Spirit to be transformed for the good of all of humanity. We have stated previously in other transmissions your healing of self trickles back to your entire ancestral line. In essence, your healing of self affects humanity and the entire planet. As you heal, Gaia heals as well. We are telling you self healing is a “win - win” outcome for all of humanity and your entire planet. May we mention here, as well, humanity’s healing also helps the higher realms expand and increase their vibration. Remember, the beings in the higher realms are your future selves. They are counting on humanity to heal their pain bodies – so they too can raise their frequencies. Remember, there are many dimensional levels. As you move up each level in ascension so do your future selves. Do you see where we are going with this? So, in essence it is not only humanity and earth who benefits from your healing – all beings in the higher dimensions raise their vibration, as well.

Fast Track Your Ascension

We suggest you meditate daily and set your intensions for increasing your light within. If you really want to fast track your ascension process eat only light filled foods provided by Mother Earth. These foods consist of fruits and vegetables, pure clean alive drinking water, along with nuts and seeds. These foods are all you need to live healthy vibrant lives. Your physical bodies are becoming more and more crystalline, and as you ascend, you do not require as much food as in the past when your bodies were more carbon based and much denser. Raw foods will help accelerate you in increasing your frequency. Contrary to what you have been advised sunlight is extremely beneficial for you. In fact, you cannot be in total homeostatic balance without and abundance of sunshine. Sun gazing is also beneficial. So, may we suggest you take off those sunglasses and stare into the sun. That myth of protecting your eyes by wearing sunglases has been propagated for decades. Your skin and eyes absorb the healing light of the sun. Take time every day to be out in the sunlight. Also be more active for longer periods of time outdoors every day.

As jobs change and evolve over the years moving forward all of you will have more time for participating in outdoor activities. These activities are beneficial on so many levels, not just a physical benefit. Your dopamine and serotonin levels will be increased which will give you a sense of well being and pure joy. So do make outdoor activities a daily priority.

In summary, the year 2022 will be tumultuous at times, yet balanced out with joy, love, and abundance. It is up to you at what vibrational frequency you wish to reside in. We are with you always. Be the light that you are which is spiritual beings sharing a human experience.

We are the highest Council of Light.

August 29, 2021