The One through Sopia Love - September 6, 2021

It is the One, Sophia.


It is the lynchpin. *

It is necessary for belief in a positive outcome. It is the emotional equivalent of intent, and necessary for creation.

For you will see your new world in your dreams before it manifests physically. You will see with your physical eyes only what you accept as possible and comprehend. What you expect will show itself in your world again and again and again.


Seek evidence of your new world. Your healthy body. Peace. Cooperation with all races, nations and others. Abundance. Love.

Hope is not frivolous or futile. It is the beginning of creation.

You will not sit idly by as some benevolent other bestows on you a new and better world.

You will create that new world yourselves.

It is created with emotions and beliefs and wishes and dreams. It is built with expectations. It is realized with acceptance as being possible.

You are creating your new world now.
And now.
And now.
And now.

You are building your new world with your emotional output.

Endeavor now to remain hopeful and sure, regardless of what is being shouted at you from the outside world. Hold with the knowing of truth.

You are love, realized as a human.

At your core is peace and compassion.

A singular creature, you hold an inner truth and potential that is both brilliant and expansive. Once triggered, you can’t help but believe the new world you see.

Play with your visions. Believe in what you feel is your natural state.


For always there will be naysayers and pointers of fingers.

Realize that these emerge when fear is present in abundance.





And thus, your new world arrives.

That is all.
Thank you.

*Definition of the word lynchpin - n. a central cohesive source of stability and security

Note - What came through most powerfully in this conversation is the necessity of recognizing our own power and internal knowing. There was a moment within the conversation that it became clear how we have been manipulated into doubting ourselves and in that moment I saw how brilliant we are. We are magnificent and unique, with little access to our own power. What happens now is that we begin to notice our truth. This comes in a myriad of ways and moments and are not to be missed. Notice the random pre-cognitive thought and telepathic communication that, until now, has been routinely dismissed. Things are changing. There is an influx of energy that activates all that we are, and it arrives right now. Notice it, feel it, discuss it, remember it. This is the beginning of our new world and our natural state.
With love, Sophia