David Wilcock: Stunning 1981 Law of One Prophecy Unsealed by Current Events: What Comes Next?


David is back in this invigorating and perhaps unsettling journey through a stunning "sealed" Law of One prophecy that only appears in Book Five.

This prophecy was deleted from the main text in the original four editions by the team from L/L Research who did the work.

Book Five put all these unpublished fragments together, and David didn't get his copy of it until 1998, while living in Virginia Beach.

This prophecy is... how shall we say this... not exactly inspiring.

The words were spoken on August 8th, 1981. However, they sound as if the source is commenting on current events -- from our current viewpoint in linear time. It is VERY amazing!

Furthermore, without a trained eye involved, an irresponsible sharing of this prophecy, particularly among Law of One fans, could cause needless, if not incredible fear. Seriously.

The passage discusses the "probability vortex" of a worldwide "controlled" situation that is unprecedented, (being very careful here,) and... reminiscent of what the bad guys were up to in WWII.

The same words were used, as you will see.

That very likely explains why Jim and Carla decided not to include this text in the main four books. Who in the world would want to 'create' a wildly horrific, dystopian future like that?

We never planned on sharing this prophecy unless the world ended up in such a crazy situation that we would have to "break the glass" and discuss what the heck it actually says.


That time is now. We are here. The prophecy has obviously come true.

On August 8th, 1981, the Law of One source precisely described the highly unusual situation we find ourselves in now. Even down to the specific types of tools being used, and the greater goals behind them, which are now becoming very obvious to far more people.

Thankfully, the last sentence of the prophecy also clearly indicates that the outcome will NOT be in favor of the perpetrators.

This is straight out of the Law of One, whose validity as a source has been confirmed on many other occasions -- far more than any other source out there claiming to be similar.

Other supporting materials came in once David started doing readings in 1996, suggesting that the power structures as we see them now are in for an unprecedented cleansing and transformation.

We do still fully believe this is what is happening now. We are indeed reaching a Grand Crescendo of novel events on Earth, leading to an amazingly positive outcome.

David sat on this prophecy for many years as there was no need to call attention to it, until and unless this timeline actually happened.

Once you read this prophecy along with David in today's broadcast, you will see how well the pieces fit together. It is truly astonishing.

Despite how difficult things may seem right now, this will not at all be a doom and gloom message.

The simple existence and correlation of this prophecy suggests that we are going through a Divinely ordained transformation.

This will be a VERY significant and timely update, complete with a mass meditation to further structure the outcome we all want to see.