Dearest Ones we are here to support you and guide you on your own inner journey at this time. It is time now to find the connections within your own human friends and families on Earth. Many of you may be feeling isolated by what has been going on. You may be feeling divisions within your own families and friends which were not there before. There is much Fear abounding on the planet at this time which is being hyped up by a dark agenda. You may feel as if you are the only one who feels as you do and your calls for help have been heard.

Dearest Ones we say to you that we are here to help you. It is time now to be sympathetic with those who are at odds with you and find the connections between you, instead of the divisions. The Dark side know all about how to keep the population in fear and how much humans can be affected by it. They trade on this fear in many ways. Fear of not being loved, fear about not having enough money, fear of illness, fear for the planet etc etc. This fear has been exacerbated by the dark agenda but the time is coming soon for humans to wake up to what has actually been going on for eons of your time. It is time for them to realise what has been happening to their own abundance and how they have been cheated from it. It is time now to connect back to the Source of your own abundance and to claim back your Sovereignty.

This is an abundant Universe and as such there should be no fear or lack. Lack is an illusion. There is enough abundance on Earth for every single human being to have all that he or she needs. Many humans have lost their connection to the One and in consequence their lives have been less than abundant. It is time now to Connect back to the One and know that all that you so desire will be yours. All that stops you from having whatever you want or need is your own thoughts of lack.

Loving yourself and knowing that you are a part of the One is all that you need to claim your inheritance of abundance in Love, Happiness, Health and Finances. Connect with other like minded souls and the world can change in an instant. Change starts within you as a powerful Sovereign being. Look not to others to save yourself or the planet. Knowing without a doubt that you are a part of the One being called God, is all that is needed for change to happen.

Whatever you wish for, will be yours, learn to Love all that you see as a part of you also. Do not berate yourself if others do not see the Love as you do, send them your Love anyway. They may have a lot to learn and you will have helped them on their way.

There is nothing to do but to be YOU and to be the Loving being that you are and in doing so change will happen in the world. You are a powerful Sovereign being who came here to change the World and you will.

The Earth needs your Love at this time, so go out into Nature and thank her for all that she has done for you. She will react to your Love in many ways and help you to bring in that New Earth that you all so desire. Love the flora and fauna and thank them also for the joy they bring. Thank the animals and plants for living to give you sustenance. Thank the Sky, the Wind, the Air, the Waters, the Fire and the Earth.

Thank everything that keeps you alive as a spirit in a human body. Love your body even though it may not seem perfect to you. Thank each and every cell in your body for keeping you alive and it will eventually reward you with perfect health.

Nature keeps everything in balance on Earth today so thank her for keeping you here.

The New Earth is in your hands and it will be a Loving Earth for all to be at one with themselves and God.

As always we are here to help and guide you. Call on our help and we will be with you in an instant.

We send you much Love and many Blessings.

We are Sirius.

Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius on 27.9.2021