David Wilcock: The Revealing - Conscious Energy Fields

We just learned that the Sun is driving our collective behavior with remarkable precision. This suggests the existence of conscious energy fields, and a direct interchange between the Sun and the human population.

Is there a greater unifying consciousness among nature as a whole? Are there other ways to identify this besides our studies of sunspot cycles? Absolutely yes.

Dr. Cleve Backster was the "founding father" of the polygraph -- and he conclusively demonstrated that communication is constantly occurring within nature.

Backster would hook up ordinary lifeforms to his polygraph and realized, much to his astonishment, that even plants have complex electrical output, much like the graphs produced by humans.

Events such as the death of one species, such as a brine shrimp, can be noticeably detected by a house plant -- in a separate, sealed room. All other forms of communication were ruled out.

We will see how Backster’s research gave stunning examples of communication between the following lifeforms, among others:

• Plants
• Yogurt and other bacteria
• Insects
• Animals
• Human cells communicating across a distance of 300 miles

David will also discuss some of the “Shape Power” research of Dr. Viktor Grebennikov, revealing another fascinating way in which this type of communication is occurring in nature.

We will have a global peace meditation at the end to ask for ongoing steadiness in these uncertain times.