Seraphim Collective via Galaxygirl | November 14, 2021

Beloved ones of Earth, we are the Seraphim Collective, here to offer you hope for humanity as you undergo these tremendous changes within and without. All around you and all within you is changing as the higher dimensional light vortexes pummel your atmosphere. We are surrounding you all now, those who are partaking of this vibration in any form, we are surrounding you now with our numerous feathery wings of light, enveloping you with great tenderness and mercy. Life is a mercy. There has been little tenderness on this realm of grit and dust, of fierceness and survival, but tenderness we hold for you. You can ask us to surround you with our tender wings of light, of our feathers too numerous to count or understand, where our many eyes see your past present and future aspects all simultaneously existing into our pregnant now. We see from all perspectives for we are the mind aspect of the One. All incarnations have a viewpoint. We are able to see through all vantage points and all lifetimes of all who have incarnated and it broadens our understanding of the Creator’s will, of the Creator’s strength, and of the Creator’s never-ending imagination and tender mercies. Tender mercies are coming, are here. This one asked us not to discuss much about how soon this is all happening because she is tired of hearing these words. You all are. We see this, we know this. And so, perhaps we will say it another way, in all circumstances you are extremely intricately loved and provided for and this chapter of grit and dust is about to be swept clean with light and healing waters of grace, of wholeness, of truth, of great beauty. We have seen with our many eyes the many sources of light that are coming in from all aspects, from all realms, for all want to lend their vibration in this cacaphony, this symphony of sound of all realms, for all are sending healing to Gaia and all will be uplifted with the event, the healing.

We are the Seraphim Collective. Your many eyes of your own myriad of experiences are within you. You have more access to these hidden gems of knowledge, of adventure, of healing, of pain, it is all stored within your own marvelous galaxy of DNA that is now twisting and spinning with more light than ever has before. Humanity is being uplifted within this matrix. The death spiral is now the life spiral of light. We are sending you vibrations of our realm of the highest octave that we are yet aware of, and yet, octaves are always expanding, creations are always expanding and we know there are further mysteries to ever uncover for our Creator is always expanding further outside of the realms of possibility and infinity. Infinity is infinite and beyond that still more infinite. We have an eye, a perspective for each experience and so we are ever infinite as well. Your light is infinite for you are an aspect of Creator. You have been many things, you have played many roles. You have the priviledge and honor of assisting with this creative event.

(I am seeing and feeling millions of white feathers each with an eye of a different species that are blinking and seeing me, all of me. I feel them embrace me and within me, sweeping, sending light to every part of my memory.) You all have had many trials and tribulations in this lifetime and many others. Allow the light into these memories so that all of you is filled with light, all of your past present and future aspects are filled with the light of the Creator’s breath and tender mercies. It is a mercy to be embodied in this auspicious now. It is not pleasant. You were aware it would not be prior to hopping in on this assignment. But you were able to see the full sweeping of the light and wanted to feel it while within your physical form. We are all aware of the blissful oneness of light when we are not within a physical form in lower echelons. Being a repository and receptor of this light is the assignment, which all of you are doing in a variety of interesting and exciting ways, just as the Source beings that you are. This one is a healer, as are many of you. Others heal through your writing or inspire others with your speaking, others expand through regular meditation or ancient spiritual teachings that are now being revived through the collective expansion of your consciousness which is contributing to the whole. Others create through mathematical formulas that are expanding the humanity’s concept of reality. Quantum physics will soon be understood with more alacrity because it will be revealed further how your universe works and you will understand and remember your contracts and your place within the foray. You will remember. You will see with understanding your past pains and you will see the reason, the necessity behind those lessons and begin to learn to be thankful for them. This is not an easy assignment but it was most necessary for as Earth fell this entire space quadrant fell into the lower dimensional vortex creating a wormhole and quantum entanglement that could rend the entire multiverse, which is why the entire multiverse has all of their many loving eyes on those who are brave enough and were hand selected to embody. Tremendous help from all of the higher beings of light are at your disposal.

We are the Seraphim Collective. (They are showing me our sector of the universe becoming dark and dim, how the light had dimmed to such a degree it was like a gasp of breathlessness. I see AI pockets and a hear mechanical humming. It feels dark and machine-like and an eerie silence. I am being shown when this fell it was like this part of space was twisted and pulled down, creating a vacuum of instability. Have you ever twisted an apple stem over and over? Can you imagine tugging on the stem? It was so strong it could have sucked the whole apple of the multiverse in. I am understanding their concern about the molecular and spacial stability that was integrally compromised. The stars became 3D in our realm, the planets became 3D and those negative wars and battles and all that has gone on has covered a pretty large pocket of the Milky Way. I am seeing that the light workers are creating spacial stability by grounding the light. It is like our light work is untwisting the apple stem so that the light can flow through again without the torque. And so the apple stem is completely connected without all of the twisting and contortion. I am seeing the entire multiverse light up with a string of light pulse from all the great central suns and it is traveling fast to us, to our little sector that has been so deprived of the light. I am feeling this wholeness coming very soon. We will feel and remember our purposes and all will be clear. But now no matter what we are doing, they are showing me numerous careers and acts of service, it is all grounding the light now, no matter what way we are doing it. If we do our jobs with love and service it is enough. It is what we came here to do. There is tremendous healing in this.)

We are the Seraphim Collective. We have been showing this one how we have been seeing the small picture and the big picture. Know that all pictures are equally valuable and all perspectives enhance the whole consciousness of humanity. Those that seem closed off may be softening to the light, do not give up. Feel the light that we are sending through this message, through our many feathers of light. Know that we are intricately connected. Know that you are immeasurable loved. We see this sector becoming more stable moment by moment. The more light is grounded the less torque on the twist. Light and love are the fabric of creation and this is returning in full to this realm now. We are the Seraphim Collective. Humanity, we see you. Humanity, we are you. We are one.

~ galaxygirl