Message from Mikos through Dianne Robbins - A Global Resistance Is Coming

Yes, a global resistance is coming and the people of the world are waking up to all the wrongs and injustices that governments are imposing – locking you into subservience and restructuring your God Given Freedoms and those guaranteed in the USA Constitution.  People are starting to realize the real purpose of the Covid – a ploy to rob you of your freedom of speech and freedom of movement.  You will see people by the millions in every country of the world take to the streets demanding justice and the removal of the dictators who have taken over their governments.

This will be a world-wide Resistance movement that is just now starting to form in the minds of the people; for people have had enough of the abusive powers imposed upon them from their governments ~ and the only recourse is to REBEL!

There are so many Angels now on Earth and so many Ascended Masters watching all that is occurring.  We see all on our computer screens and are dismayed at how the surface population has been lied to and how they have blindly followed all the rules and restrictions imposed upon them – like a herd of cows being taken to slaughter.  Similar to the days of Jesus when the Priests controlled everyone and everything.  Your governments have been trying to take you back to the dark ages again.

Well, this will not be!  They will not succeed, but fail in their attempts for this is the 7th Golden Age of Awakening and Enlightenment and you, the people of Earth, are AWAKE and you see the deceit and you will NO longer allow your lives to be controlled by the dark forces in your governments.

There will be WORLD-WIDE RESISTANCE at every level that will break this chain of darkness that has formed around the world attempting to lock you down. 

WE, THE FORCES OF LIGHT, ARE HERE, watching and waiting for the precise moment to strike and remove all the remaining dark entities from the surface of the Earth.

In the short time left, people will unite in the millions and demand their Rights and Freedoms restored!  And it will be!  A New Earth of Justice and Liberty will be born and people will again turn to God, the Creator of all Life, and find their way home... back to God again.

There is only ONE Power, ONE Presence, One Intelligence and that is GOD, the Creator of all that is. 

This is what is ahead of you Beloveds.  Don’t fear, we in the Subterranean Cities are here and watching everything and will soon appear to give you all the help you need!

I am Mikos, your friend from the Library of Porthologos, located inside the very Center of the Hollow Earth.  Call on me at night, before you sleep, and ask to be taken on a tour through the Library of Porthologos, and I will be your personal guide.

Copyright © Dianne Robbins