Archangel Metatron: Stability

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings, I am Archangel Metatron, what a joy to be in your presence. At this moment you are blossoming, blossoming into the Ascension process and being you came to the Earth to embody?

It is a wonderful contemplation to ask yourself what did I come to the Earth to embody? What part of my Ascension process did I come to the Earth to embody?

I wish to share with you that your Ascension journey spans across numerous lifetimes and numerous journeys upon the inner planes.

This lifetime you are currently existing in is, but a moment, in your mammoth and expansive Ascension journey. You have chosen to be on the Earth in this moment of your vast Ascension journey. When you exist upon the Earth it is a moment, a process and experience of grounding.

Being grounded into the Earth and being grounded into who you really are. You have chosen to exist on the Earth now to experience this moment of your Ascension Journey. Your vast Ascension journey has numerous levels, qualities, and areas of focus.

You may be in an area of focus where you are learning about gratitude, learning how to transition between dimensions, mastering your healing abilities or maybe you are mastering the technique of connecting with all aspects of the Creator.

Your current lifetime is an anchor for whatever your Ascension journey is, the vast and expansive Ascension journey that extends beyond this lifetime. You have chosen to come to the Earth to really experience very deeply this part of your Ascension journey.

What part of your Ascension journey have you come to the Earth to experience deeply? What have you come to the Earth to really experience within your body?

Your body is like a container for the expansive energy of the Creator. It is like having a microscope to look deeper and deeper into something, into your qualities, energy, experiences, understandings and insights or an aspect of enlightenment. Not only can you experience it, you can look deeper, you can sense it with every sense your being. With all your senses, you can embody it, sit with it, be present, become it and you radiate it.

Imagine that this lifetime has a purpose of grounding and examining an aspect of your Ascension journey. What is it that this lifetime is about for you?

Each person’s understanding will be completely different, even though your Ascension journeys, may be similar. When you ask this question of yourself, you gain the understanding that your soul is present to really experience something, to fully experience, acknowledge and examine it thoroughly.

What is it that you have come to the Earth to experience? Do you see patterns in your past?

Something that you have been trying to develop, to learn or embody, or maybe it is something completely different. It is something that is just dawning on you now. This is a wonderful way of discovering and furthering your purpose on the Earth.

Often there are many moments of Ascension that are required to be embodied and experienced in your earthly reality, sometimes there is only one theme. We are speaking of this because there is a need for a connection between your Ascension journey that is so expansive and vast, with your physical reality, which is very grounding.

When you recognize this perspective, it brings stability. This means that whatever is happening outside of you and to some extent inside of you, you can exist in your physical reality on the Earth, and your Ascension journey with stability. You are stable, safe, and balanced.

This is essential in these times when Ascension is moving fast when people are transforming upon the Earth and old baggage, or unneeded energies are rising to be released. Your stability, your grounding is immensely important and there are two very simple ways to ground yourself.

The first is simply to acknowledge the floor, the Earth, the presence of Mother Earth beneath you whether you are standing, sitting or lying down. That connection, that touch connection with the Earth is immensely important, it is enough to ground you.

If you are standing with your feet upon the Earth, upon the ground or the soil, or the grass, you feel, you really acknowledge you are present with the sensation of your feet touching and placed upon the Earth. If you are sitting or lying down it is the same with your bottom, back, and your entire body. If you are present with your body noticing it touching the Earth this creates a connection that will ground, you.

This is essential now upon the Earth because many are losing touch with themselves and losing touch with the Earth because of the confusion and the chaos that is being created. If you can go back to simple practices such as that which I have just described, this will create tremendous stability in your reality and being.

The other aspect of grounding is being present. Being present with what is happening inside of you, being present with what is happening around you and opening your observation by taking time in your day to observe.

You might sit for a quiet moment and observe. As you observe you can ask yourself what is my mind thinking about? How do I feel emotionally? How do I feel physically? Then take a moment, open your eyes, and observe your surroundings. Look with your eyes at the physical things that are surrounding you wherever you are and then sense into your surroundings.

Ask yourself what can I sense? What does my intuition tell me about my surroundings? It is not about gaining answers, inspiration or trying to fix or resolve things, it is just about observing.

You may observe that your mind is racing, you may observe that your emotions are heightened, or you feel stressed, you may observe that your body feels quite relaxed or maybe tense in areas. When you observe your surroundings there may be reactions coming from inside of you, simply observe them and that is all.

Then if you wish, you can connect with your heart or your soul. Breathe deeply through your nose and allow for an expression of love to radiate from your being.

With these two practices, you will become more stable upon the Earth.

It is an acknowledgement that the Earth’s reality is almost like a magnification into your journey and that you are here to feel, to sense, to acknowledge, to embody, and to ground.

No matter what is happening outside of you, no matter what is happening inside of you, this will stabilize you. These three things, the grounding, the observation, and the awareness that your body, your reality allow you to fully experience and express your higher being.

I, Archangel Metatron, am present with you to support you and you may ask of me anything you wish, my energy will surround you and support you.

I thank you,

I am Archangel Metatron