James Gilliland: Shared Visions


Thanksgiving to me has always been a time to share. Having a Grandmother and Great Grandmother in the Cherokee Nation it is hard to celebrate a time when the Native Americans saved the pilgrims considering the outcome. I have always said take a turkey, some frogskins and whatever else you might think they may need to your local reservation with an apology. Might want to skip the blankets with the plandemic. Speaking of which, listen to the Elders about gifts from a government that says we are here to help. It has not been your government for centuries. Especially if they offer money to inject yourself with a plethora of poisons, carcinogens, and experimental gene therapies. Keep your genetics pure.
Back to sharing. I have several friends from different nations warning about earth changes. Especially Mt Hood in our area. It is one of those pointy volcanoes prone to eruption. Mt St Helens is also building pressure. The entire ring of fire is active with many undersea volcanoes. Take caution if you are going on one of those volcano tours or sitting on a beach prone to tsunamis. Listen to the land, do not live in fear. There is a saying: Nature won’t kill you but she will let you die. Not paying attention is what gets you.
The day before Thanksgiving I had a vision. Babaji showed me a white liquid pouring down into vessels. I realized the vessels were people in very high positions, the controllers. I asked why they got the blessing. He said when the white liquid is poured from on high their vessel can no longer think or act negatively, they won’t even exist. There will be those with the proper alignment and spiritual adeptness that will maintain their consciousness. It will be as if no one is home for the controllers. I asked what about the others that will just replace them. I was told in most cases by the nature of the controllers they have set up safeguards, it will take some time, time is not on their side. The Earth is ascending, they are not frequency specific to the process. Their actions and the actions of their empires out of alignment with Universal Law will have amplified and accelerated reactions. Universal Law states that you can never take something from another that is not yours or keep what is not. Now apply that to taking lives. In all their cleverness the controllers arrogantly be lie ve they are beyond Universal Law. They are not. Those taking lives and assets from others will lose it all eventually including their own lives. Kingdoms built on taking from humanity and the earth with a lust for power and wealth will fall. Everything will be redistributed back to those they took from. Those who built their kingdoms in service to humanity and the Earth, in service to the Creator within all Creation staying within Universal Law will thrive. They will ascend with the Earth. Even if they cross over before the ascension they will go to heavenly realms one can only imagine. Nothing dies, evolution continues on the upward or downward spiral. What one calls death is the body just disassembling itself from complex forms back to the atom. Life is in the atom. The soul continues on its journey. You cannot lose a loved one, you can only lose the connection due to be lie f. They are a thought away and if they ascended to a higher level it has to be a loving joyous thought without grief and the false belief of separation and endings. This Thanksgiving, why not say a prayer to the ancestors, family members that passed, release the past, the grief, sadness, unfinished business. What was not communicated can still be communicated. Forgive, learn from their mistakes, don’t pass the potato to your kids. Give thanks for life itself and the opportunity to better yourself in service to others. Get out in nature and do something fun.
Be well,
James Gilliland