First of all, I think we need to accept that being on Earth during this period of time, was never going to be a walk in the park. If we think it should all be easy, then we start complaining when it isn’t! But if we expect it to be super tough, then hey! we are breezing it! Looking at it logically, if it was going to be easy, it would not have needed a huge team of evolved beings to incarnate to help Earth through this shift in evolution.
Just to reiterate the current scene, so we don’t forget why ALL this is happening.
We are clearing all the dense energy on Earth still present in our own energy field and in the energy field of the collective consciousness of humanity. Easy, eh! It is often referred to as ‘clearing the shadow’. That means the clearing of subconscious parts of ours and the world’s lower emotional and mental fields of negative energy that contain pain, trauma, sadness, loss, fear, exhaustion, overwhelm, lack of confidence, confusion and the entire history of human negative memory experience.
We are currently assisting a planet to ascend and at the same time, offering a chance to all people of the human race, to also ascend into higher planes of light where the soul will be able to experience harmonious and lighter experiences of learning and growth (way lighter than in 3D). As this is all taking place, it is raising our awareness, spiritual abilities, consciousness, understanding, detachment, mastery, compassion, stability, centeredness, wisdom, empathy, integrity, knowledge, love, caring and broadens our capacity to accept greater universal concepts and the existence of other races. It also returns to us many existing spiritual abilities, such as telepathy and being able to change our mind in an instant which is something we see happening at present, a gift that allows higher levels of truth to enter our consciousness. 
Every individual on Earth is now choosing whether or not it feels appropriate at this time to advance in their own evolution. If the soul feels ready to move to a higher level of evolution, they will choose to wake up. That action begins a process of self empowerment (often begun by standing up for ourselves) as people align more to Divine Order and a higher frequency of light. If a soul prefers to spend more time in 3D physical incarnations to gain greater understanding from the many experiences available, they will choose to leave Earth and continue life on another planet that offers that learning.
We are being given different circumstances every moment that offer us choice points. For example, we can watch TV and accept what they say or we can switch it off. We can choose to be fearful or step into our own power. We can accept the idea we have to be vaccinated because the mainstream ‘authorities’ tell us to,  or we can do our own research, and within five minutes see major discrepancies in what we are being told.
A real pandemic is very visible. People tend to drop in the streets and no-one needs to be told there is a pandemic or need to be tested when they have no symptoms. A good question posed – ‘if you did not watch TV or read the papers, would you think there was a pandemic!’
There are many opportunities being given to humanity to choose to raise their own light (vibrational frequency). The two main ones are the taking away of human rights and the mandated vaccination. These two are probably the greatest test as to whether people succumb or stand up for their rights. With either, we need to be aware not to become too polarized by focusing our attention solely into these areas. That can limit our ability to see many other things occurring around us that help expand our consciousness.
People across the world are finding themselves being pushed to make a choice. The circumstances of a person’s life can mean some people experience a greater test of their ability to follow their own gut knowing and what feels right, than others. Many are being asked to choose between getting the vaccination or losing their job. This can be a big test for many, particularly in the overcoming of fear and trusting in their own ability. In instances where we don’t wish to be vaccinated, but go ahead and get it so we don’t lose our job (an illegal mandate) shows us we have a belief pattern somewhere, such as 'we could not feed our family/pay the mortgage, etc. It is only through our fear and limited trust in ourselves, and denying our own knowing and feeling of rightness (and of course, have no trust in the divine process) that we do ANYTHING we felt was wrong in life.
When living in the UK, the country went into major recession and people everywhere were made redundant from their work. I watched the chaos that ensued; grief, worry, distress, anger, apathy, depression and great concern over how they would survive, pay bills, rents, food, etc. All perfectly understandable reactions. Aside from this situation being a great mirror that reflected to people the strong negative emotions they needed to release that could produce trauma and throw them into despair, it had another very positive outcome.
I was in a position to talk with many hundreds of people later on down the line and heard such wonderful stories from people made redundant about how, after they had managed to process their trauma, they sat back and had a good look at what they could do to help their own situation. The solutions varied greatly. Some people looked at things they knew how to do and began offering services. Many looked at hobbies they loved and began making and selling them. Dress makers began to sew. Gardeners tended gardens and mowed lawns. Handymen helped people with small jobs. Creative people having time to think, began to design items, clothing, jewellery and make things from wood and driftwood they found free. One French lady living near me gathered mushrooms and offered trays to local restaurants (you have to be skilled in which are safe). Many learned new skills. Others created their own small businesses which ranged from teaching a craft to growing organic vegetables, child minding at home and taking in typing, clerical work and ironing jobs. Musicians began creating new music, busking, making CD’s and singing or playing bands in local pubs and venues. Most loved the enterprises they originally started and the social interaction it brought. Others, who quickly jumped into a new area so as to pay the bills, and didn’t tune in to the rightness of it, soon realized they had gone from one pit to another. They reassessed that and went foreword doing things they loved. The variety and ingenuity was amazing. The stories were incredible to hear and gave me such faith in humanity and how strong we really are and our ability to rise from crisis.
A similar situation happened in the recent lockdowns we had where people were told they had to work from home.  It gave many people the free time to realise they had been in a rat race with no time left at the end of the day to stand back and review their life. They discovered they enjoyed working from home and the freedom it offered and were reluctant to join the sheep herd again. Incidentally, many also realized the possibility of home schooling. Now we have seen groups of mothers get together to employ a teacher who left rather than be vaccinated, to come and teach a group of children in one of their homes. 
So, some people are choosing physical death at this time. Some are choosing to be vaccinated and others are opting for other forms of departure. 
Several reasons for choosing the vaccination are in play.
1. People have finished their work or achieved their purpose for being on Earth and are choosing this quick way to ascend to a higher realm.
2. Same as No 1, but  have chosen to leave from the result of the vaccine in order to help wake the world up by assisting to expose the corruption of many areas, including pharmacy, governments, medical people, law courts and justice systems.
3. People choosing to continue their learning on another 3D planet.
4. People who could not withstand the pressure placed on them. This would include wanting to resume a ‘normal’ life; the belief they must obey authority; fear of being apprehended or fined; need to travel; keep their job; maintain free movement of location; attend entertainment or hospitality venues; or  the inability to visit loved ones.
We all need to get ourselves into a space where we let go of any judgement about any decisions made. Everyone is in a different place in their own personal learning and decisions they make. There has been an incredible amount of dumbing down of humanity from a long period of onslaught by manipulated education in its many forms and lower frequencies emitted in chemical food, water, air pollution, chemtrails and satellites beaming negative energy onto Earth. In fact, you could wonder how any of us are still standing! The reason is we are a super strong race of spiritual beings. In fact, we are all extra terrestrial because no-one has originated from Earth. But chill with this fact. Don’t go round calling yourself an ET. It may be taken wrongly.. before they lock you up!
Still on the subject of judgments. There is an entire Light Force incarnated on Earth who came here for the express purpose of assisting this birth into a new dimension taking place. They came to help release all corruption and dense energy to allow people a new way of life, based in love and integrity. It has been far easier for these people (Lightworkers) to wake up. They were meant to wake up and then help wake others. Because of the dimensional levels they came from prior to incarnating here, they have not been subjected to the same extent of dumbing down humanity had received. I hope that sinks in and helps us get past judging people for being slow to wake, or for making choices under pressure. Some compassion rather than our negative judgements will go a long way toward increasing light. Incidentally, people are not lost just because they chose to vaccinate. Many people choosing to vaccinate will be fine. Healing modalities are continually arriving. For anyone who missed that particular opportunity to gain inner mastery and gave in to pressure or coercion, will get other chances. They are not doomed!! And choices are made at every point of the vaccination process, including all booster shots!
The vaccination programme has offered us many things including bringing the whole world together, perhaps for the first time united in a similar reality, beyond race, sex, creed, education, financial status, religion, age or nationality. It gives everyone a chance to stand up and be who they really are.
To sum it all up, as of 11/21, Earth is now completely free of all interference, influence and technology, that originated elsewhere than Earth. We are resuming our own mastery and power as we now take Earth into full light. We are aligning with higher dimensions of Light and together bring about a galactic change in evolution. We, the people on Earth, are now waking up humanity and together, we are exposing and deposing all corruption, negativity, dark intent and dense energy from every area and every participant, bringing all that was hidden to the surface, and transmuting every particle into light. Now we need to, ‘make everything visible’. Powerful lightworker teams operate right across Earth and do an amazing job. Millions have been exposed and are gone, probably way more than we realize. The corrupt will not stay hidden for long. They have lost their guidance!! They are floundering without support. The quicker we stand up and be counted, the quicker they will fall. 
A new world dawns; a world we have only dreamed of, perhaps never believing it could be so. A world free of manipulation and deliberate creation of wars, shortages, indoctrination and control, and free of people who desire that. A magical world where everyone gets on with each other and works together for the greater good based in a core of caring, love, harmony, trust, ethics and integrity; where we are balanced and healed on all levels; building new communities that self govern small local areas that understand the needs of the area and are no longer subject to detached application by non-aligned politicians, councils and governments; a world where laughter is common place and peace reigns throughout all the people and the light brings joy as it reflects a united galaxy of harmony and love.
With love,
Sandy Stevenson
24th November 2021