How Do We Help Our World Awaken?


By Steve Beckow on November 28, 2021

What causes a person to awaken?
• Something said has the ring of truth and the remembrance of it remains with a person.
• A tragic circumstance forces a re-evaluation of ways of living and being.
• A threat so great arises that it arouses people from their complacency and denial.
• A fact keeps appearing and re-appearing as if it wants to be known.
• A friend keeps bringing you news that doesn’t fit with your pictures.
• Left alone and in silence we face an awe-inspiring sight.
• A spiritual experience occurs.

We often say that a person has awakened when in fact what they’ve actually done is changed their vote.

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From a supporter of vaccines to an opponent. From a believer that Biden won the Presidency to a believer that Trump did, etc.

Another person’s awakening can present a challenge for us. The challenge is not to say “I told you so.” The challenge is to forgive what it took to get here.  The challenge is to go back to the last point of agreement and start again.

You and I know that this craziness will not go on forever. But a descent into lawlessness creeps ever closer.

I believe it was the Federation who predicted we’d go through what felt like a near-death experience before things lifted. We seem to be getting closer and closer to those kinds of critical situations – in New Zealand, Australia, parts of the U.S.

We might ask ourselves: What can I do to contribute to the awakening of the world?  And do whatever it is that comes up – make videos to contribute, make ceramic figurines, write learned treatises on the need for a global awakening, etc.

The sooner the world awakens, the sooner the Alliance will take the driver’s seat. The sooner the cabal will be removed. The sooner the Singularity. And the sooner we live in love, if not Fifth-Dimensional yet, still, a whole heck of a lot better than the denser feelings we think of as love at the moment.

How do we help our world awaken?

Download a copy of Pandemic! A Sourcebook here: