Sananda: Moving Forward


by James McConnell

I am Sananda. I come at this time, in these opportune times.

These opportune times for truth, indeed, is coming forward from many different directions, many different sources. The truth is coming. The truth is here. It is still yet for those that have the ‘eyes to see, and the ears to hear.’

For those that are closed off to the truth, those that don’t want to know, those that will stay stagnant where they are in their comfort zones, they themselves will not know the truth. They will be shown it, perhaps. They will be told it, but they will not accept it. There will be many of these that will not accept this truth, that will not accept the light.

But those that do will move forward in these higher vibrational frequencies. And everything that is of the old, everything that is of the old lower vibrations, will cease to exist in their knowing and understanding. Yes, you may still have some memories of it, but those memories will fade. Those memories of before the Changeover will eventually fade.

That is why we tell you now: forgive, forget, and move on. Forgive everything, anybody has done to you in the past. You cannot hold on to it. It is an attachment that will hold you to these lower vibrations. Forget. Forget whatever has been in your past. Even the good memories will eventually fade as well.

Because you will no longer need them, as you will find yourself always in the perfect now moment, no longer holding onto the past, and no longer only looking forward to the future. Because as you are in the perfect now moment, there is no past, and there is no future to be concerned about.
There is only the now.

And if more and more of you would begin to understand this and accept this, to just be in the now and let the universe take over in terms of creating your intentions, as you have said in your discussions, and let the universe go to work for you. That is what you need to do. And the more that you can do that, the more your lives will take a turn for the better, a turn into the Light more and more into the higher vibrations.

And you will no longer be held back by those lower vibrations. They will not hold you anymore.

They cannot hold you if you do not let them, if you do not let the fear move through your being, just as it does through many across the planet at this time where they are letting the fear hold them down, keeping them from moving into higher vibrational frequencies, keeping them from moving into higher consciousness, holding them as the comfort zones hold them.

But that is not to be for those of you that are preparing, readying now for the first wave of ascension. And that wave is here now. It is already here in the higher vibrations. Whenever you find yourself in higher fourth, and even fifth dimensional frequencies, you are there. You are already there within the ascension wave.

Have you fully ascended? No. Because there are those attachments, the programming that keeps pulling you back down again and again. And then when you are pulled back down, you realize that indeed you have been pulled back down. And you, with your ability to raise your vibrations, move right back up into those higher frequencies and the higher dimension. And once you’re back in the higher dimension again, it is more and more difficult to continue to bring you back down into the lower vibrations.

And this is how it continues to work. The more you can keep yourself in the higher vibration, the higher frequency of the higher dimension, the more you will stay there. And that, my friends, is ascension.

So I leave you now with this parting thought: allow yourselves to let go.

Let go of the old. Utilize the Violet Flame to burn out the old programming. Burn it out of your chakra centers, which is where the programming resides, which is where the memories reside.

Burn it out. Let it go. Forget it. Move on.

And as you do that more and more and more, then your life will take a new turn for you, all of you, each and every one of you. Let go, let God, or let the universe take over.

Peace and love be with all of you.