Dearest Ones many of you maybe experiencing many different feelings at this very special time on your planet. You maybe having contradictory feelings of Hope, hopelessness, Joy, sadness, Elation, despair, Extreme Energy and exhaustion and all of these feelings can be quite challenging for you in these current times.

One day you maybe feeling the Love for humanity and your friends and families, the next day there maybe anger about the differences you see in them. One day you maybe feeling much Hope for the future, the next day you are in despair. One time you might be thinking how lucky you are to be on the planet at this time, the next you are worrying for your future or harking back to the bad times that you have had in your life.

Dearest Ones we are here to tell you that all of these feelings, even the despair, must be honoured at this time. Going through these feelings are your soul's way of coming into balance and for you all to be able to live harmoniously in a 5th Dimension of Peace and Love.

Much will be changing in the next 10 years as all souls learn to live in this new frequency which souls have not experienced on Earth for millenia. As we have said before your bodies are changing from carbon based to crystalline and more strands of your D.N.A are coming on line. Your bodies are experiencing new chakras of which you have been unaware of in the past.

Have no fear Dear Ones about any of these changes that maybe happening to you. Do not be concerned if you are not feeling the Love, so to speak, nobody will be left behind. Do not attach to any of these feelings as the Earth as a planet is changing from a 3rd Dimensional planet into a 5th Dimensional planet and those dark souls who have been trying to prevent the shift in human consciousness will be leaving the planet to continue their evolution elsewhere.

Those of you who are reading this missive will be able to enjoy this New World and you will be much needed to help others who are less informed of what is actually going on. Do not be concerned for your friends and family who may not have awoken to these changes now. They may want to go back to the life that they had before the so called pandemic occurred but in Truth there is no going back now and their soul will be challenging them to awaken and they will do so in time.

You as Lightworkers have done an amazing job of informing your friends and families of what you know but many are still asleep as to how the darker element on Earth has been trying to keep souls in the dark. Do not be concerned for them for they too will awaken in time. The mere fact of you being in their lives will have helped them on their way but it is time now for them to contemplate their own way forward to this new future.

Think back to a time when and how you woke up. Not all of you awoke at the same time. You maybe just a bit ahead of the game and getting frustrated with others around you, who do not see what you do. But have no fear every soul will wake up in time.

It it time now to let go of the fear that your friends and families will be left behind. As we have said before it is time for the Lightworkers to move forward to the New World and others will follow in their own good time.

As Lightworkers you will be ahead of the game, so to speak, and you will soon begin to see a much different world around you. You may see visions of strange new colours and apparitions as the 3rd Dimensional Matrix starts to disappear. Many of you will begin to see our spaceships on your horizon and know and feel your ancestors around you.

The time is now for you to look for the good in your own selves and to envelop others in your Love and Light without resorting to endless discussions on your differences. Respect others feelings even if they are in total opposition to yours. It maybe challenging for you but Agree to disagree.

You have done an amazing job in helping others to wake up but it is time now to go within and to work on yourselves to be the best that you can be and in turn this will help to awaken others to their own soul journey.

It is also time now to come together in your groups to work on the future in your own communities as the 3rd Dimensional world collapses around you. In truth life will never be the same again.

There is much to do to help Gaia clean up her environment. There is much work to do for the flora and fauna which has been so affected by the dark side. As we have said before energies and technologies which have been hidden from view by the dark side will come to the fore. New ways of thinking about health will come to Light. Your history will be turned upside down as more Truth about what has been hidden from you will be seen in plain sight.

Whatever you see or hear to the contrary there is no stopping this movement forward now. The so- called pandemic has done an amazing job of awakening souls to their true destiny. Think about this on your own journey. Would you have known what you know now had it not been for the pandemic?

Never forget that every single soul here on Earth today incarnated to be a part of the Great Awakening. Their personality may have forgotten but the soul has not and the soul will still be doing the work it was meant to do. There are no accidents and there are no coincidences. If a soul has not awoken at this particular time there may be nothing more that you can say or do now to help them. It is time to leave it to their own soul to awaken the personality. All that you can do now is to talk to them in your dreams and to send them your LOVE and LIGHT. Their time will come and they may or may not say that you helped them.

Do not try anymore to wake people up, instead concentrate your time on others who do come to you for advice, help and healing.

You will soon begin to see your Main media coming out with news which you all thought that you would never hear. Many of you will have known and understood what the dark side have been doing for centuries and are gradually coming to terms with what these dark souls have been doing. However when the news comes out to the rest of the population many will be in total despair for humanity. You as Lightworkers will be there to pick up the pieces so to speak and to help with the healing that will be needed.

And so Dear Ones be the strong souls that we know that you all are. You were the chosen ones. You may not be famous, it maybe your job to stay small and help others behind the scenes but KNOW that you will always be supported by those of us in the higher realms. We will always take care of you. We are with you in your darkest moments and holding you in our arms when you are in despair.

You will always have what you need to carry on with your amazing work on Earth. Have no fear at all about your future. Your future is secured in LOVE and whatever you ask for will be yours. Look not back but look forward now and manifest that New World of LOVE, PEACE and HARMONY for it is all within your own grasp now.

We are always here for advice and help, talk to us, ask us your questions and listen to the answers but in Truth the very best advice that you can all ask for is within you and your own soul which is an essence of the one true God.

We send you much Love and many Blessings.

We are Sirius.

Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius on 3.12.2021