WE ARE VERY POWERFUL BEINGS ~ Aita Channeling Her Higher Self - December 2021

Good day to you dear lightworkers in this December of 2021. And so time is passing in duality. In one way the year has flown by. It seems only yesterday when it was January and there were so many promises of dates and happenings and the excitement of what we hoped would be fast disclosure.

All was to be revealed on main stream media. The truthers, the alternative media, that we watch so avidly, assured us that there would be announcements, revelations of the truth and the main stream media would be taken down.

We so longed for this to happen. We so longed to be able to talk to those still in the fractiousness of the low vibration of the third dimensional reality. We so longed for them to awaken from their programmed delusion to the truth of their immortal soul nature.

This has not occurred. And our brethren are more and caught up in their distorted understanding so that we can no longer communicate with them.

They are not yet energetically aligned to a frequency where they can distinguish truth from falsehood. They have not the wisdom to discern other than that which they have been told repeatedly and repeatedly.

And the words they hear each day from from the main stream media, with all their negative and fearful repetitions have them more and more heavily hypnotized into fear and terror.

We are powerful beings indeed. Regardless of which dimension of our earthly reality we are in, or what our understanding is, we have not given away our power to some alien beings or been taken over by dark spirits.

Every day in every way we are exercising our incredible power, as creators, in this planet earth schoolroom that is our human life.

The thoughts and the words we use to think, are magical spells. They are the codes that give us our power. They govern our reality. They decide what happens to us human beings here on earth.

With thoughts and words, we are the creators of our reality just as God, Source is the creator of the universe. When God created the earth he first said the word. That is he spoke out what he thought and visioned and so the earth, from that imagining, was created.

And, in the same way, through thought, word and the consequent vision they produce, we create our own reality. That is why every thought we think, every word we speak is a prayer.

That is why those in the third, fourth and fifth dimensions of consciousness are experiencing different realities, for they speak different words.

The third dimension is the realm of young souls, the realm of duality. The realm of the suffering that we are here to experience. For suffering leads to compassion and understanding of each other. Suffering expands our consciousness and our knowing of the love that we truly are.

And that suffering is produced by the way our world is set up. In the third dimension, separation and division are the order of the day. Our parents, our caretakers, governments and religions are all set up to train us into feeling shame and guilt.

We are told with words we are not good enough. We are sinful, we never do anything right. And so we are in constant fear. To feel better, we have to pretend that we are superior.

We judge those around us as inferior. We project the words we believe about ourselves onto those others. This is what separation and duality are about.

And so the words we use are negative. We prod and poke at each other. “That was stupid.” “You really don’t know what you’re doing.” “I hate you.” “You make me angry.” “It’s all your fault.” "You don’t do anything right.” “I am ill, I have cancer. I have diabetes, I am dying.” “I am poor, I can’t afford anything. I am homeless.” And so it goes on.

And we swear, we are jealous, we are greedy, we are angry. We threaten to kill and maim each other. And with these harsh thoughts and words we create war. We create division, we create sickness as we war against each other and the world.

Even in this low vibrating third dimension we are powerful. For our harsh and heavy thoughts and words are the generators of the state of the world in which we live.

In the fourth dimension our consciousness begins to awaken and the third dimensional belief system seems absurd. Yet we still see ourselves as separate from each other. For, as we gain awareness of what we have been taught, we may well become angry and resentful of the society which has implanted such a negative understanding within us.

We think of ourselves as superior. We are still in duality, us against them. We judge ourselves as “awake,” while judging others as “asleep.” We judge them for their diets, for their antagonistic speech, for calling us too sensitive, for not respecting nature or animals, or the beauty of the world that we now see so clearly.

Yet we have grown. We no longer search for material things, we search for knowledge and understanding. We see the subliminal messages that the media spew out and cannot believe that our brethren are so mind controlled that they believe the lies that are parroted to them every day.

And we try, how we try to convince our low vibrating brethren that their thinking is wrong. And we discover, over and over again, that this cannot be done. For their universe of consciousness is in a narrow band of frequency that cannot be raised until the soul has completed its third dimensional journey.

Yet again, in this fourth dimension, we are powerful beings for, here too, our words create our reality. We are still in duality. The words we speak and the thoughts we think still separate us from our brethren, still leave us in the fear of their reactions.

Even though we feel the love of source, we have not learned that we are all one. We have not learned to totally love ourselves and all of our brethren who are going through schoolroom planet earth.

We have not learned that nothing wrong ever happened, and each human being is on a divine journey. We are prodded and poked at for our judgement, our desire to teach, our superiority. We are not yet at peace in our hearts, in the knowledge, that love, Source rules the world.

In the fifth dimension we reach unity consciousness and the the ego drops, the desire to control drops and judgments fade away. We realize that the darkness in the world is a direct reflection of our thinking and the words we speak about the world.

We no longer try to change those around us, or the world, rather we begin to heal ourselves. The love that grows within us begins to translate into compassion and understanding of the external world and the planet earth human hero’s journey.

We realize that our words, and our thinking about the world, are creating the world that we see. Love is the only power. We watch our words carefully that they be positive and loving.

We endeavor to encourage and uplift all around us. We use affirmative statements about ourselves and others. We love ourselves and all our brethren not for our ego personality, but for the soul within.

The soul, the part of source that is the drop of divine consciousness that we truly are. The ineffable, immortal spark of God that came to earth to experience suffering in order to learn greater love. We see that God, source lies within each of us regardless of what dimension we are in.

The discarding of our third dimensional programming is enlightenment, We are enlightened from our fears and suffering leaves us.

And so dear ones. We are powerful beings indeed. The fifth dimension into which we are all moving is a wondrous realm of the knowing, the flowing, the glowing of love. Love is not an emotion. Love is a level of consciousness in which joy, wisdom, discernment, peace, compassion and so much more that is wonderful is embedded.

The soul journey of all human beings is to return to that love vibration from which we all came. To return to that love vibration, through our suffering, having grown ourselves into greater more loving, more wise and understanding souls.

And so, the best is indeed yet to come dear friends. The white hats, the light alliance that our mapping our route into the fifth dimension are moving carefully and slowly behind the scenes.

They will do their best to avoid disruptive announcements or divisive calamities. They are creating the best timeline that will avoid war and conflict.

The timeline we are on is as peaceful and benign as is possible. Be patient, dear ones, speak words of love, heal yourself. All is well in our world for, as we move into the fifth dimension, the best is yet to come.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self. We Are Blessed and Powerful Beings Indeed.