Vision and Source via Galaxygirl | December 7, 2021

Intro: Please read with the understanding that we are very, very needed here, on this earth, in this sacred moment. It is just as holy of a moment here, for Source is here of course as well. This is simply my vision last night and I feel the urge to share it with you if it may help someone during this time of change. My sister freaked out when she read this saying it sounded like the only way to be happy here is to die which is absolutely NOT the intention of sharing this experience! I didn’t die at all in my dream I just got a little upgrade and I could easily come back through the portal. It was really fun and beautiful! Hope you enjoy! Much love.

(I am seeing shimmering plasma that is moving, vibrant and alive. It is silvery and filled with all rainbow lights that ripple like thick water. It is a portal, a large oval opening in front of me. I am seeing angels around the portal smiling at me, strong. They are beckoning me closer. I stick my head through the portal and see it is a gateway to a higher vibrational earth where it is very vivid and bright filled with colors of pristine blue and green, clear air, gentle breezes and completely comfortable. I step through. The grass is soft like cashmere, dark green and thick, hugging my feet as I walk. I look down at my feet. They are glowing, luminous. I look at my hands with long fingers. They are my hands but no nail polish or hangnails or callouses from days of work. I feel taller. My hair is a long chestnut brown with gold highlights and I feel amazing, tall, strong. I feel overwhelmingly confident. I am wearing a simple yet elegant white silver dress. I look behind me. I have stepped through the portal of shimmering plasma and I feel like laughing and crying at the same time. It feels so good here. It feels like home. It feels like what I’ve always been longing for. I am seeing more people step through, transformed. We are the first wave. I am shivering and shaking. There is electricity coursing through my body as I type this, it feels so real.)

We are the One. We are showing you this, galaxygirl, for you are among many of the first. You are to lead the others through the portal if you so choose. You can rest and rejuvenate here. Time is of a different vibration here, you can rest and then return and it will be but an instant in your current realm.

(I lay down under a tree and I see and hear the whisperings of light in the leaves. It is a perfectly comfortable bed of deep green grass that envelopes me like a healing pod. I am surrounded by light dots that dance and move. The fairies have found me and they are welcoming me to Nova Gaia. After my rest I receive training from someone who I believe to be a guide but I can’t quite see his face. He is going with me back through. No time has passed. The earth now seems gray and smoggy, dull and dim in comparison with the bright vivid colors of light where we just were. We are stepping through the portal and encouraging others to come through, smiling, comforting, for the old vibrational earth is shattering, like a video game where the level has been cleared and the surrounding world is falling to shambles, it is no longer sustainable and it is collapsing. We are lovingly offering our hands to pull people through to our side. I see many can’t see us and we look like light blobs to them. But many do, and it is a deep rejoicing, like I have never felt. I am crying as I type this. As I stand by the portal I look up and I see millions of ships transporting those in stasis who are not ready to see, or to be transfigured. They are hypnotized in lines going to the ships prior to earth reconfiguring her surface. I am seeing and feeling big changes.)

We are the the many into the One. I am Source. Children, come home to me, come home to myself. The illusion is no more. You are seeing the shadows, and they are loud. But they are not much longer. This reality is changing. Change with it. Adapt with it. Be strong in my presence, which is within you.

I am Source. I am the in-breath and the out-breath and the in-between. I am the light and love in between the atoms that dance and spin. I am the breath of all that is and you are a part of me. You are a part of this cosmic breath of creativity. Do not be afraid. Life connected with me is life connected with yourself, with your inner god breath and the outer cosmic breath they are of one essence, of one movement of expansion. Do not be afraid. The singularity approaches and there is nothing that can change this. For it is my will. For it is my divine decree and it is my heart’s choosing to choose you. To choose life, to choose renewal of creation in this realm that has known such darkness and suffering. I have suffered alongside you and now is the time for renewal, redemption and rebirth.

~ galaxygirl