Jennifer Crokaert - Catching Up with You


Hello! Firstly, let me apologise for ‘going dark’ for so long and a massive thank you to everyone who took the time to personally email me and to see if I am still alive: I am!

So, where to begin! Exactly two months ago – to the day, as it turns out! – I began a process of unprecedented spiritual expansion. I would spend hours every day in spaces and nuances of love that I have never known before; one day I would be experiencing tenderness in all its shades, another day it would be sweetness, on another day I spent hours in adoration. Interestingly, I discovered that the true meaning of adoration is ‘to love without borders or frontiers, without beginning or end’ – that really resonated for me, it has nothing to with putting the Divine on a pedestal and everything to do with bringing the Divine into our hearts and melting into that sublime love that exists for us.

Another experience that I would like to share is that my understanding of the Divine was completely altered. Previously the Divine for me was a rather amorphous energy of love, but through this process I became aware of the Divine Father as the divine masculine energy of presence, of beingness, of All That Is: an abiding force of love that expanded from All That Is to experience creation through the emergence of the Divine Mother as the divine feminine template, the expression of the Divine Father energy. The Father is, the Mother creates. The Father is the air, the Mother is breathing – using the air to move, to create, to express the inexpressible in myriad forms.

We are, each of us, a blend of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine templates, and one of the purposes of life, of all lifetimes, is to come into a balanced expression of those complimentary energies: it’s a balance that is different for everyone. We are, as a friend shared with me, the ocean in a drop.

But it goes even beyond this, this shift in energies, the deepening that we are all going through is bringing into sharp focus where our karma is finished and clear; we are all being invited to move into new spaces of expression and expansion, in preparation for the massive upgraded energies that are flooding us even now.

Changing and leaving relationships, jobs, homes, countries, friendships and patterns of being is the norm of the lightworker tribe at this point in time because we timed it to have massive karmic completion for this now moment. So if it looks as though your life is falling apart, pat yourself on the back: You’re rocking it!

Just as the Divine energy contains a masculine energy and a feminine energy, as we do as individuals, our soul also contains the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energy template. It is my – current! – understanding that the soul also separates into a Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine expression: as above, so below. This is what is known as ‘twin flames’ (a phrase I really dislike as it’s so hijacked), so I prefer a term more like ‘soul twins’, until I hear of a better description!

This is important because previously ascension was achieved through transcendence and renunciation – overcoming our limitations, desires, failings, etc – at an individual level. Our ascension process in this Now space is achieved through integration – harmonising our masculine and feminine sides and healing our wounding – and through reuniting with our soul twin, to access and ground the ascension energies through the archetypal energy of the lovers expressed in its purest form.

Relationships that are strong will get stronger, becoming infused with greater tenderness, sweetness, passion, intuition and expansion, while relationships that are not aligned with this 5D energy will dissolve.

If you find yourself letting go of a relationship that is no longer in harmony with your energy, I invite you to invoke the greatest of grace and ease for all parties in the transition out of that relationship: setting that intention really does help everyone, as I know from my own personal journey through the past two months.

So, dear friends, you can see why I’ve been quiet – there’s a lot going on at present, for all of us. These are more expanded energies than we have ever experienced before and the very best we can do is to be gentle and respectful of the evolution they bring to our lives. They are affecting us all in uniquely personal ways, bringing us to the right vibration for the New Chapter.

Actually, that may be better described as a New Book! It feels to me that we are only a hair’s breath away from the vibrational resonance required for the house of cards to fall and the divine light to emerge from within. So trust your heart and soul, trust your journey, it is bespoke to you, a gift from the Divine.

What others describe as ‘The Event’, or ‘Heart Opening’, or ‘Ascension’, or many other names, seems to me to be an expression of the love and joy of the Divine Father and Divine Mother, their joy at their creation expressed across time and space. And just like the orgasmic expression we experience, it seeds new beginnings, new birth on every level.

Sending you much love, light and grace now and always.