Matt Kahn: In This Moment, The Universe Wants You to Know...



Dear Friend,

May this moment in time invite a pause of deep heartfelt reflection. Perhaps you find yourself in an in-between phase of your journey-- aware of what no longer resonates, while unsure what is next, what to do, where to go, and even who to be from one moment to the next. Maybe the amplified speed of a fast-paced technology-driven society leaves you emotionally wrung out, existentially exhausted, and emotionally depleted. Perhaps you're even less tolerant of the conditioning within yourself and others as you make your way toward a brighter horizon of total living freedom. I say all this to let you know, you’re not alone.

While so many of us are sprinkled across all corners of a globe, we remain interconnected as light beings to support each other through the ether, even when we aren’t always within arm's reach. May we take this moment of heartfelt reflection to be at greater peace with who we are, no matter how close of a match or at odds it may seem with the idealized self that is so easy to pursue and chase. Whether this moment feels like exciting new beginnings, another chapter of debilitation, or even just one more breath to humbly survive, I offer these words as the light within your being -- speaking to you.

You are not lost, you are not less-than, you are not losing it all, unworthy, or invisible in any way. You are waking up.

All too often, waking up can feel more like a perpetual death of who we used to be, how we used to behave, a transition out of the identity of roles we’ve played, and even the disappearance of resonance to all the false coping strategies we employed to micro-manage life. As a greater invitation into a deeper Truth already waking up within you, please hold closely to your heart the following words:

Truth is a reliable stream of light, faithfully guiding your journey of unraveling, only able to dismantle the parts that cannot proceed any further. When awakening strips us down to our core, even loving ourselves can sometimes feel too much. This is when we shift into the silent “I love you’s” where each breath you take infuses all sentient beings with a love always transmitted, even without being intended or spoken.

As we join together, walking each other home to the unique sanctuaries of our divine heart space, may we take the time to purify our lives, simplify our journey, and loosen the grip on any degree of ambition. While this isn’t how life will be forever, it invites a more steadfast alignment with Source as our primary ambition and desire as we make our way through the in-between and beyond. In doing so, we gift ourselves with all that we need, no matter the wants, fears, or judgements are permeating your awareness.

Since you are far more powerful than you may ever know, perhaps these deep existential dives are reflecting your depth of resilience, proving once and for all, the holy eternal Truth that you are, have always been, and shall always be.

I honor your light. I am so with you. We are all in this together. Together as One.

All for Love,